Walk With Me,Within The Most-High Righteous Light Of Awareness( That Is, The First Heavenly Created Light).

On, Crossing The ” Imaginary Ecliptic Line” Of Our Firmament(s),Drawn By Astronomers & Astrologist( Of Times Past), As A Result Of The Foundational 4th Creational Day, In The Cannonical-Scriptures Of The “Judea-Christian” Bible For-( Given To, The “Hidden -Spiritual-Esoteric-Gnostic Tribe”Of Judah : “The Christ-ians”)-The “New Testament-Age” For “Prophetic Realization”, Of The Descent -( Which, I Perceive As August 21, 2017)-Of The “Spirit Of Realization”,Upon Humanity. In Which,The “Proper Internal-Way Of Worship”, Of The Perceived Most-High Heavenly Creator-Triune-( That Is,The All Powerful, Knowing And Present Sacred-Trinity Dynasty ,”Via Their Helper”, The Great “Water Bearier”, Whom Is The Holy/Sacred Spirit Of Realization)- Will Be Realized. In, This Episode,Of The “New Testament Era”, The “Divine-Objective” Has Been Decreed :

Humanity, Shall Learn,”To Do That Which Is Right, For, The Benefit Of All Humanity Through Good And Righteous Determination”( And, Thereby For All Of Creation).

Humanity, Will Become Aware, Through “Perception Of The Realization” Of The [ Image] And [ Likeness] Of The “Most-High Unseen Creator-Triune-Dynasty”, From Which They Where Made, In The Image & Likeness Of.

Humanity, Will “Come To The realization”, That They’re Not The Body Of Earth[ The Land Giveth To Thee Upon Your Entrance, Into This Thing That We Call Life..Rather.. Humanity, Will Come To Know( That Is, To Gnosis) Of Their Beingness Of Existence, Within This Thing That we Call Life.

Humanity, “Will Come Through Perception”, Re-acquainted, With Their Divine Heavenly Mother, Whom They Have For Thousands Of Years Lack Knowlege Of..Even..Though The Ten-Commandments-( The Only Articulation Written By The Finger(s) Of The Most-High Creator triune Dynasty)-Articulated :

” To Honor, They’re Father & Mother, So They’re Days, Maybe Long, In The Land-( The Body of Earth) -Which They’re Mother & Father Giveth Them.

For, What Humanity in The Western-Hemisphere Strives To To Establish..And..Which Other Good & Righteous Determined Human Beings “Hope For”,Across The Totality,of The Crust Of This EARTH — Is At Hand :

” Thy Kingdom[Rule] Come.. Thy Will [ Determination] Be Done.. On Earth [ The Planet & Within Our Bodies Of Earth]..As It Is,In Heaven[ All The Firmament Above Our Heads]. My, Emphasis Added.

Walk With Me, it’s Time to Wake-Up Everybody, And Walk A New Way – For, The Doors Of the Celestial-Mansion( Within The Domain Of Heaven) Has Begin To Manifest The Blessings Of A ” Democracy,” That Will Always Endeavor, Too “Do That Which is Right..And.. Would Benefit The All Of Humanity, In Good And Righteous Determination. For, I Call Each And Everyone Of You- ( Human Mindial,Emotional,Spiritual/Intuitive & Awareness Beings, Of Righteous Good Determination)-Forth, In An Effort, To Help Build A “Kingdom Of Democracy” That Is Of A “Good And Righteous Order”.