We The People,In The State Of South Carolina, Must Put To An End, The Use Of The U.S. Senate Procedural Filibuster Rule.

For Roughly About Fourty(40) Years Now( Since, The 1970’s), The U.S. Senate’s ” Filibuster Procedural Rule”, Has Been Used By Our U.S. Senators To Either :

[A]. ” Water-Down” Proposed Bill’s And/Or Legistslation ;

[B]. ” Delay” Proposed Bill’s and/Or Legistslation ; or

[C]. ” Defeat” Proposed Bill’s And/Or Legistslation.

Yes, We Can Image That The Use Of The ” Filibuster-Rule” Was Drawn-Out( Like, One draw A Sword), With An Objective Either On Behalf Of ” Special-Interest” Backing And/Or “Personal Perspective” To Cause The End Of An Congressional Bill/Legistslation And/Or Cutt”em- Up Into Pieces!

The U.S. Senate ” Filibuster-Buster” Is A ” Rule”, That Obstructs The Passage Of ” Landmak Legislation ” ( Such As , The People Act…[ H.R.1] ).

That, Continued To Ensure Our-[ U.S. Citizen]- Guaranteed Right To ” Vote”, As Afforded In The United States Constitution. Yes, I’m A Consitutionalist, Thus I Expressed It !

The ” People Act” Legistslation ( H.R. 1), Is An “Democratic-Legistslative-Effort” To Expand on The Safe-Guards In Place Protecting Our Constitutional Rights, As Voters, In The United States, ” Voters-Election-Process” For Casting Our ” Voter-Ballot “…And.. An Legistslative-Reform Act Which Will Put Those ” Voter-Expansions & ” Safeguards ” Right Where They Need To Be :

” That Is, Solely in The Administravtive Hands Of The United States Government, To Ensure Equity And Equality Affored The Citizens( We The People) In The Voter-Election Process In This Country !!!.

Yet Again, Our Present U.S. Senators For The Great State Of South Carolina– Appear To Be In-Stagnation, To Do That Which Is Right Under The United States Constitution For The People Of South Carolina :

” And, Denounce The Filibuster-Rule, Infringing On The People Of South Carolina’s U.S.Constitutional Right , To Vote, In A Fair And Equal Voters-Process Afforded in The Legistslation In The ” People Act”(H.R. 1). In The Great State Of South Carolina .

Thus, I Call Each And Everyone Of You To Action To Call U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham And Tim Scott And Encourage Them To Both :

[1] Denounce The Filibuster( As, Used against The ” People Act”) As Infringing On The People Of The Great State Of South Carolina U.S. Constitutional Rights To Vote In An Election Process That Is Fair And Equal – Which Is A Mandate For Democracy!!

[2]. Resign As U.S. Senators Representing The People For The Great State Of South Carolina.

Sincerely And Respectfully

This Is Why,A Need For The Governments Of The United States, States And Local Governments ! To Hurry And Legislate Enactments Of Elemental Statutory Laws : For Both Defining ” Domestic-Terrorism, With A Minimum Of Life Imprisonment And Maximum Of The Death Penalty For The Senseless Murderous Killing Of Innocent People –The People Can’t Even Go To The Grocery Store, Without Beinging In Fear Of Being Killed !!! What Have “We The People” Allowed Our Young Great Anointed Country To Come Too !!

Open SmartNews and read “Multiple people dead, including a police officer, in shooting at Boulder, Colorado, supermarket” here: https://share.smartnews.com/h4oM To read it on the web, tap here: https://share.smartnews.com/fY6J

How, Will The 46th Presidential Adm,Call To The People In The United States, To Try & Be Vaccinated By July 4, 2021, Is Important & A Call Should Be Heeded?

Please, Allow Me To Articulate Why I Think The administration’s Call Should Be Heeded ! First, As You Read and Come To The Realization Of What I’m Trying To Get Each & Everyone Of You To Come To The Knowing, Is That ” We As The People in The United States Of America, Is At War, With A New Enemy-(Biological )- The [ Coronivirus], Whom Has Crossed our Territorial-Jurisdictional-Boundiries, Of Our Great Young Anointed Country, And Which Thinks That Its Going To Defeat Us As A People, Given The Numbers Of Our Causualties, But, It Hasn’t Realized Of Yet, Is That We The People Will Stand Inaccordance With The [ American Rescue Plan] Of Our 46th Presidential Administration In Solidarity : To Safe-Guard The Lives Of Our Families, Communities And Nation…In An Effort To Beat-Back Its Affect(s) And It Out Our Land.

The “Coronavirus-Crisis”, Is Presently, Devastating [ Families] And [ Communities] All Across The United States. As, Of Today At The Time Of This Atriculation [ March 21,2021, Sunday], More Than 29,825,300 Million People In The United States, Have Been ” Infected” With the Coronavirus. Compare:[ Vaccinations By States, Of The New York Times, Data Base].

Yes, The Coronavirus, Has Spreaded Into Both [Small Communities] And [Large Communities]- ” With, A Lack Of Interest, Concern Or Sympathy, For Whom It ( The Virus) Attacks Biologically “. To My Fellow People( Humanity) In The United States, The Need For Getting ” Vaccinated” Is CLEAR ! Given The Above Numbers Of Our People That Is Affected, As A Result Of The ” Cornavirus-Crisis”.

Moreover, The Need For Getting ” Vaccinated”, Is More So, Given That Over [Five-Hundred-Thousand] People In The United States, Have ” Died”, As A Result Of The ” Coronavirus”. It Is My Perspective( If You Read The Numbers), That We -[ The People In The United States]- Are In A Race For Time ! Given, That The Population Within The United States, Consist Of Only about 4.25 % Of The Population, Across The Totality Of The Crust Of This Earth :

” And, With Both [A]. The Highest Number Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases.. And.. [B]. The Highest Death Rate As A Result Of The Coronavirus !”

Given, The Aforementioned Statistics, The Potential for Darker-Days Could Be A Realization…But… I Beg The Differ. Because I Believe In My Heart Of Hearts -( And, I Know That I Too Can Fall As Causality)- That If We[ The People In The United States] Move To ACTION Right Now, And Get “Vaccinated” We Can Turn Back The Affect(s) Of That This Bological-Enemy Has Afflicted Our Country With :

It Is Written: ” That Faith, Without Works, Is Dead “

But Is Say : “That To Not Love Yourself, Families, Communities And Country, Is Even Dead’er “.

What We’re Presently Experiencing Of Dire Consequences.

Our Present Presidential Admin, Want’s To Re-Open Schools And Would Like To Get Back To A Sense Of Normalality For the People In The United States. However, We Also Must Do Our Parts In Endeavoring For This Goal– Of ” Safe-Guarding All Of Our Lives..And.. Beating-Back The Affect” Of The Coronavirus.

I Also, Ask That We Stay Aware Of The Dangers Of These Different Strains.

Let’s meet The President’s Goal Of July 4, 2021 , As Symbol Of Endeavoring For Independence From The Cironavirus.

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