Let’s Build A Kingdom Of Democracy Of A Good And Righteous Order, In Doing That Which Is Right And Benefit The All Of Humanity.


Thanks To The “Creative-Leadership” Of Our Present “Presidential Administration–” In The Creation,Of The [ American Rescue Plan],a ” National-Strategic-Plan” Was Devised For The “Save-Guarding” Of The Lives Of The People..And..Hope Of Surviving And Beating Back, The Affects Of The ” Coronavirus” In The U.S. When, The Administration Declared The Following Intention(s) To The People In The U.S. :

“I Intend, To Get 100 Million [ Vaccine-Shots],In The Arms Of The People In The U.S., Within This Administration, First One-Hundred Days In Office”.

Given, That No Such Effort,Was Taken By Our Former Presidential Administration, The Above Declaration By Our Present Presidential Administration –Establishes The Realization, That The Administration Was “Committed To The Creation Of A Strategic-National-Plan, In An Effort To ” Safe-Guard The Lives Of The People Of The U.S and across other parts of the Crust Of This Earth— Even Against The “Backdrop” Of The Former Administration, Whom Was “Indifferent” To” Save-Guarding” The Lives Of The People Of Earth ( For, Instance) :

” It Didn’t Matter, If The People Wore Personal- Protective- Maskes Or Not…It Didn’t Matter, If The People of society of The United States Got Vaccinated Or Not”, And to mention, that it neither mattered if other People of Earth were Safeguarded from the Viral affects of this Global COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS Pandemic

Yes, This Was The Mentality, Of Our Former Presidential Administration, When It Came To Protecting People Of Earth In The ” Initial-Phase” Of This ” Global Viral Pandemic” :

” Which,In Realization, was Effectively, Taking The Lives Of Human-Beings, All Across The Crust Of This Earth” !

” We The People Of Earth”, Know The Point That I’m Trying To Make Here ! That Atleast, The [ American Rescue Plan], Is of An “Strategic-Endeavor ” Towards Both: Save The Lives Of The People Of Earth, and Beat-Back The Affect Of Global Viral Pandemic, Threatening all Societal Public Health across the Crust of this Earth.

It Is My Sincere Perspective, The ” Creativeness Of The [ American Rescue Plan]] Was ” Idealized For The Aformentioned Purposes–Given The Prior 45th Presidential Administration’s Lack Thereof.


This Realization Of The [American Rescue Plan] can be Realized of the 46th Presidential Administration’s Strategic Effort Of Mounting An ” Effective And Comprehensive Vaccination Campaign,” that Was divised “With An Agenda Of Ensuring, That All People get Vaccinated—

Quickly“, ” Effectively and “Equitably.”

A Tremendous ” Operational Challenge”, Given an Increasingly Expanding Global Viral Disease within all present day Societies across the Crust Of This Earth.

Nevertheless, Our Presidential Administration was Determined to “Overcoming” This Global Viral Pandemic:

” We’re Ahead Of Schedule, To Getting People, In The U.S. Vaccinated”.

Thus, This Aspect Of The[ American Rescue Plan] has Proved To Be Effective. Further, The Administratio Didn’t stop here because a little “viral fog” had cleared, No our 46th Presidential Administration Endeavored striaght ahead to cut-off this Global Viral from another angle with the administration’s following Announced :

” Tonight, I’m Announcing, That I’ll Direct, All [ States], [ Tribes] And [ Territories], To Make All Adults( 18 & Over) ELIGIBLE, To Be Vaccinated, No Later, May 1, 2021″. Emphasis Added.

It was the [ American Rescue Plan], along with the Congressional “COVID-19 Relief Bill” of which allowed our 46th Presidential Administration, to be able too accelerate the speed in the Implementation of “Saving Lives” of the people of our Earth, and continue in the Societal Public Health battle against an Unseen deadly and fast attacking Global Viral enemy of which has no regard of its victims ( for it proved to show no signs of the ages and/or Societal Class of it’s Victims) :

” Therefore, it was of the the Consensus endeavor between both Congress and our 46th Presidential Administration [ Rescue Plan], Of which paved the way into a method of an Societal Public Health operation of [ Fairness Of Equality], and allowed the Administration Move Through, The [ Priority-Groups] More Quickly– “By Lifting The Generational-Bracketing, And Allowing All Adults To Be Viccinated By May 1,2021).

I’m Of The Perspective, That Being One-Year Behind In Our Country, In The Fight Against The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Too For Behind..And.. THAT HAS RESULTED IN THE LOST OF OF OVER A HALF-MILLION LIVES IN THE U.S. SO, I Appreciate This Acceleration Process– “We The People”, Just Don’t need To Wait Any Longer !!!

Altough Here,, I have not Expressed Of all the the People of The Society our earth Mindial and Emotional Joy, Relief and Contentment of the experience of both seeing through the endeavors of our 46th Presidential Administration’s Sincere caring of the welfare of our Societal Public Health, Safety, and security during these experiences of uncertainty and fear,of An Sincere Effort–” To DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT, AND BE Of BENEFIT FOR THE ALL Of THE PEOPLE, In All Of The Situations, Circumstances And Events,—- I Ask Of Each And Everyone Of No Matter No Matter Where You Exist On The Crust Of This Earth, No Matter Your Political Affiliation, No Matter Your Personal Creed,, No Matter Your Religion, No Matter Your Ethinicity, No Matter The Color of Your Skin Tone— To Be Thankful For The Committments Of The 46th Presidential Administration for allow us to experience the [ Continued Hope Of Changes] In Our Everyday Lives Within the Socio-Communal Aspects Of Society, and of the continued endeavor of Safe-Guarding Of Lives And Beat-Back The Affects of the presence of Dark Energy that’s Hovering over the People Of Earth, and of which is rising without the hiding of it Unrighteous Deceitful Distorted, Destructive and Anniliation of The Societal ways of the values of Fairness Of Equality and Societal Pursuit of Happiness.

Therefore, I’m Going To Encourage Each And Everyone One Of You To Strongly Consider What Might The Potential Of Yourself Surviving anymore episodes Of Both National And Global Crisis, And to Give Careful thought to The State of beingness of our National Societal System Of [ Constitutional Democracy] of Is Strategically Constructed– For DOING THAT WHICH IS RIGHT, AND BE.OF BENEFIT ALL THE Citizens-Residents OF THE United States Of America.

Of An Effort To Both [ Save The Constitutional Societal System Of which we’ve come to know and appreciate, And put up An Societal Constitutional Guardrail to [ Beat-Back] the affects of an continued Dividing Of this Great Young Blessed Country Of The United States Of America.

Sincerely And Respectfully

William Wise Murray IV

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