Chief Epidemiologist, For The State Of South Carolina, Is Concerned About The Potential For The Highly Contagious ” Delta-Variant Sparking COVID-19 Out-Breaks, In South Carolina Public Schools This Fall If School Districts Do Not Enforce Mitigation Measures To Safeguard Against Infections– And, Has Implied, That Both Unmasked And Unvaccinated Teachers And Students Could Cause HAVOC Within Our States Public Schools , As A Result Of The Spreading Of The Coronavirus-Disease ! Moreover, It Has Been Reported, That Fears Of More COVID-19 Outbreaks Within The Populations Of Our State’s Public Schools This Year, Due To The Far More TRANSMISSABLE DELTA- VARIANT –( As Compared To The Earlier Variants Of The Coronavirus-Disease)– Given The Relaxation Of Our States Public Schools Mandate Requirements That Both Teachers And Students Wear Mask ( A Mandate Lifted By Governor Henry McMaster’s In An Executive Order-‘( A Mandate, Which I’m Of The Perspective, To Be Unconstitutional Under The U.S. Supreme Court Substantive Due Process Analysis In Determining Whether Certain Substantive-Rights Not Listed In The Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause Are Protected Under The Constitution Of The United States Of America, With Respect Of Governments Of States Infringment On Said Rights)– Infringing On The Substantive Rights Of Individual Respective Jurisdictional Educational Enities Of Governmental Authorities Fundemental Rights To Safeguard The Lives Of Both Their Most Vulnerable Public School Populations, In The State Of South Carolina,To Attend School This Coming Fall Year). These Individual Enitities Of Governmental School Authorities, City’s, County’s Etc, Must Move Forward With Challenging Governor Henry McMaster’s Execituve Order Mandate Infringing On Each Of Your Individual Entities Of Governmental Jurisidictional Authorities To Safeguard The Lives Of The Endeavoring Daily Within The Schools In The Communities Of The Great State Of South Carolina : WHERE ALL LIVES MATTER. By: William W. Murray. Date : August 13, 2021, At 5:07 AM EST.

Dr. Jennifer Caudle — Informative Video Below On The ” Delta-Variant Strain, Of The Coronavirus, And The Affect It Has Had On Our Most Vulnerable At-Risk Public schools Populations And That Mask Should Not Be Optional !

The Delta Variant Is Sending More Children to the Hospital. Are They Sicker, Too? : Article By The NYTimes. Dated August 8,2021. Shared By: William W. Murray. Date: August 10,2021.

The Delta Variant Is Sending More Children to the Hospital. Are They Sicker, Too?

The Governor Whom Has Executive Order Powers, Is Neglecting, His Responsibility To Safeguard The Lives Of The Children Of The People Residing In The Communities Of South Carolina — For Not Mandating Mask Requirements In Our Public School System, Given The “Delta- Variant” Strain Of The Coronavirus , Spreading Through The Communities Of Our State. By : William W. Murray. Tuesday, August 10,2021 At 5:19 EST.

In, The ” Press Conference” Below, Governor McMaster’s Stated :

” It Is Our [ Duty] During The Pandemic To Protect [ The Lives] Of Those More [ Vulnerable] And That Is Our …..[ At Risk Population] And [ Young People]…”

The Governor Correctly Ackowleged, The [ Duties Expected To Be Executed], Within The Great State Of South Carolina During This [National Global COVID-19 Pandemic And State Coronavirus Epidemic]. However, What His Excellence For Our State Didn’t Tell The People :

” Was That He Held The Ultimate Duty To [Protect The Lives] Of Those More [Vulnerable], Which In This Sitution, Curcumstance And/ Or Upcoming Opening Public School Event Is The Residents Of The South Carolina [ At Risk K-8th Grade Public School Population] And [ 9th -12th Grade Young People Public School Population].” Our Governor, Has Already Made Seen This Authority When He ISSUED AN ” EXECUTIVE ORDER REMOVING THE MASK REQUIREMENT : “PUT IN PLACE [TO SAFEGUARD THE LIVES OF THE CHILDREN OF THE RESIDENTS OF SOUTH CAROLINA] Initially During This Continued National Global COVID-19 Pandemic And State Public Health Epidemic.”

although, The K-8th Grade Public School Population Has Always Been An Especially Vulnerable Population : Given That This School Population Has No Vaccine Immunity Protection Against This Slient Viral Bological Enitity ( I Refuse, To Discount The Young 9th-12th Grade Population Within Our Public Schools Because They Have Access Vaccine Immunity Protection, As Insiginificant Lives Not Worthy Of Safeguarding, During This Public School Year, Where This New Delta-Variant Is Raising It’s Head Within The Communities Of South Carolina Although Their Of Adolescence This Population Is Still Subject To Irresponsibilty And Bad Common Sense Decisions– I’m Going To Say It Again :

” All Lives Matter,In The Great State Of South Carolina, Regardless Of Income Classification And/Or Communal And Economical Status Quo!”

The Governor, Is Overlooking The Realization That Sense The Onset Of Our National Global COVID-19 Pandemic And Coronavirus Epidemic Within The Communities Of The United States, That Over 35.67 Million In The Communities Of America Have Been Infected With Variant Strain Of The Coronvirus…And… That Over 614,200 Thousands People Within The Communities Of The United States Of America Have Died As A Result Of Different Variant Infections.

Thus, as A Responsible Governor And One Whom Would Make A Good Common Sense Decision Based On The ” Data” And ” Scientific Facts ” Regarding This New Infectious “Delta-Variant” Surging Within The Communities Of South– ” That Is Said To Have A 50 Percent More Contagious And Highly Transmissable :

” I Would Issue An Executive Order Rescinding On A Prior Lifting Of A Mandate Requiring That Mask Be Worn In Public Schools Throughout The Great State Of South Carolina– In An Effort To Safeguard The Lives Within These To Vulnerable Student Populations Within Our Public Schools. Yes, I Know That The Children Of Residents Of Our State Are The Future Of Both Our Young Powerful Country The United States Of America And The Great State Of South Carolina [ And, All Their Lives Matter] So It Would Be.

Moreover, If I Was The Governor I Would Also Issue The Above Said Executive Order In Effort To Also Protect Our Great State From Any Irreversable Injuries Of Potential As A Result From Allegation Of Severe Impact And/Or Death Due To Negligence For Not Have A Reasonable(s) Safeguards Put In-Place In A Good Faith Effort To Beat-Back The Affect (s) That Maybe Suffered By Students Within Anyone Of These Vulnerable Public School Populations.

As Governor, I Would Hold-It My Duty To ” Do That Which Is Right…And… Be Of Benefit To Those Involved In Any Situation, Circumstance And/Or Event Within The Great State Of South Carolina And/Or Involving The Great State Of South Carolina One of The Original Thirteen Colonies In This ( Valley Low) Of Our Motherland Of The United States Of America( Where All Lives Matter).

Sincerely And Respectfully.

Emergency Need To Know, Disturbing Information, About How In The State Of South Carolina,Roughly About 500 Million Dollars Has Been Held-Up, In “Emergency Rental Assistance” Benefits For Individuals And Families Renter-Tenants -( As Well As Landlords )- Having Trouble Paying Their Rent, Of Only Which Nine Applicants Benefitted From. See, The Video Below. By: William W. Murray. 08/05/2021 at 4:41 am EST.

Individuals And Families Having Trouble Making Their Rent Payments, In The Communities Of The State Of South Carolina( As Well As Communities Across America). May Be To Glad To Know,That On August 4,2021, The Center For Disease Control & Prevention ( CDC) Issued New Temporary Moratorium Against Landlords Evicting Renter-Tenants On The Ground Of Beinging Unable To Pay Their Rent– On The Contention That Evictions Would Be Detrimental To Public Health. Moreover, Individuals And Families Within The Communities Of South Carolina, Should ” Take Note” That This New Temporary CDC Moratorium On Evictions, Will Expire On October 3, 2021. By: William W. Murray. 08/05/2021 At 5:37 am. EST.

Our 46th President ( Joe Biden) White House Video, Speaking From His Experience, Of The Benefit Of Our Country’s Passenger Rail Service– As A Part Of The “Build Back Better Infrustruture Investment In America.

A Physical Infrustructure Investment Project Which I’m In Support Of– ” Given, The Decline In Sustainable Constant And Affordable Cross-Country Passenger Commercial Bus Transportation Lines( Such As Trailway And Greyhound- Especially With Our Countries Increasing Population Growth.” All Of Which Gave The People Of America Convenience, Simplicity, Affordability Of Travel, Safety And Reliable Service ( Yes, Just A Few Of The Things, That Where, Apart Of Greatness In The Communities Of America).

Likewise, An Investment, In The Strenghtening And Expanding Of The Infrustructure In Our Passenger Rail System In America. And, I’m Of The Perspective That In The Long-Term This Investment Would Prove Cost Affordable To The People Within The Communitie Of America( As Well As, Providing All Of The Things That Our Cross-Country Bus Lines Provided In Their Creative Greatness In America).

Sincerely And Respectfully.

please, View The President’s Video Below. Yes, I Got A Glimpse Of The Greatness Of America …And… I Believe That We The People In America :

” Can Build Her–( The United States Of America )– Back Better.

EMERGENCY RENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS In The State Of South Carolina For Individuals And Families Of This Great State Through The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. By: William W. Murray. Monday, August 2,2021 , At 12:23 am. EST.

If, You’re A ” Renter” Having Trouble, After The July 31st, 2021, Expiration Of The CDC [ Center For Disease Control & Prevention] Issued Moratorium Blocking ” Landlords” From Evicting Renter-Tenants-( Individuals & Families)- For Being Behind In Their “Rent And Now Having Trouble With Making Their ” Rent-Payments” , “Utilities ” And/Or ” Other Housing Cost”, Help May Be Available, For Each Individual And Family Endeavoring Daily, In The Communities, Of The State Of South Carolina For ” Rental Assistance Programs” ( Again,Through The ” Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), At The Below Website( Look-Up Tool) Link :

The Above ” Website” Is Both, An Look-Up Tool And Informative Resource Public Access For( Not Only Renter-Tenants) But Also [ Landlords] Understanding And Being Able To Navigate The Available Various “Financial-Resources” That Could Help Both Them( Landlords) And Potential ” Renter-Tenants” [ Individuals And Families] Now Having Trouble With Making Their Rent-Payments And/Or Presently Behind In Their Rent-Payments.

please, If Any Individual And/Or Family Endeavoring Daily Within The Communities Of South Carolina And Within Communities Across The United States Of America Either Presently Behind In Their Rent-Payments And/Or Having Trouble With Making Their Rent-Payment– Please, Don’t Hesitate To Go And Use The Above Website, Because All Individuals And Families Within The Communities, Of South Carolina And Across The United States Of America Matters Within 2020 Victourious Communities United.

Moreover, It’s Neccessary That Each And Everyone Of You, Either Now Facing ( Or Potentially Facing) Any If The Above Situations, Circumstances And/Or Event – Your Action, To Access The Above “Resource Tool Website” Should Be Immediately ! :

” Because, Thanks To Both, The “Creativeness” And ” Passing”, Of Our 46th Presidential Administration’s [ American Rescue Plan] There’ Still Is A Potentially, Billions Of Dollars In ” Federal Rental Assistance” Still Available For Individuals And Families Experiencing Hardships-( With Rental-Payments..As Well As…Those Whom A Struggling To Make Payments On Their Rent)- During This National COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis Within The Communities Of The United States Of America!

Sincerely And Respectfully.

ps: All Lives Matters ;.All Communities Matter ; All The People Matter And For A Surety The United States Of America Matter ! From Sea To Shiny Sea !

Our 46th Presidential Administration In A Video(Below) Speaking Hope Into The Ears And Hearts Of Children In America Of Whom The Future Belongs. Perspective By : William Wise Murray IV. Monday, July 19,2021, At 4:03 EST.

As A Common Person, Of Humanity, I’m Going To Express In This Perspective– What I Perceived From The Video Below :

” Is A President Speaking Humbly( As In Veneration) In His Capacity Giveth Him, To Our Future Generation(s) Of All-Americans–( No Matter, What They Maybe Hearing Today)– About What The Future Will Hold For Them ! “

Yes, In My Common Perspective, The 46th Presidential Administration, Is Speaking Hope Of The Continuation Of The ” American Dream” Envisioned For Generations To Come, By The “Establishers” And ” Writers” Of The Totality Of The CONSTITUTION–[ The Greatest GOD Inspired Territorial Jurisdictional Boundary Landlord Sovereign Across The Totality Of The Crust Of This Earth]– And This [ CONSTITUTION] Will Be Standing In-Place For Them, In Their Pursuit Of Happiness As ORDAINED[ In The Preamble, Articles And All Amendments For Every Generation To Come In The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

In My Perspective, These Generations NOW And Every Generation To Come In This Great Young Anointed Country–[ Of The United States Of America]– That These Generations Of “We The People” Are Empowered Too Pursue The American Idea-[ Vision]- As Envisioned By The ” Establishers” And ” Writers” Of The [ PREAMBLE] Atleast ONCE :

” Since The [ Establishers] And [ Writers] Ordained It [In-Ink]!!!”

Not ” ONE TIME” Since This “GOD-INSPIRED AMERICAN- IDEA” Was [ Activated], [ Created], [ Emanated] And [Determined] — Has The Totality Of The Generations Of People In The United States Of America Experienced :

” This [American-Idea] Envisioned By The [ Establishers] And [ Writers] In Totality With The Articles, Guaranteed Rights And Amendments Afforded [We The Generations Of The People] Of The United States Of America ! “

In My Perspective, Because Of Every Alphabetically Arranged Term( Word), In They’re “Common-Sense” Meaning, Said To Be The Preamble Of The [ CONSTITUTION], That The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Is To This Moment,The Youngest And Most Anointed Country Across The Totality Of The Crust Of This EARTH! And, If For No Other Reason –[ Of Wayward-Minds]– We[ The GENERATIONS TO COME, AS WRITTEN BY THE ESTABLISHERS AND WRITERS, OF WHAT IS DESISGNATED AS THE PREAMBLE]–Should Stand In Solidarity And Oneness “Because A House Divided Cannot And Will Not Stand” !

For The “Children Of America” Are Our Future And They Consist Of Each And Everyone Of Our Children, Grandchildren And Grandchildren-Children Etc :


Our Great Young Anointed Country-[ Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA]- Cannot Continue With An Internal Societal Communal And Economical Superiority And Inferiority Ideaology :

” For This Type Of Ideaology Was The Cause For The Fall Of The Great Country’s Of What Is Considered Ancient Past( All Of Which Practiced This Ideaology) ! Ideologies That Can Never Nor Did Reach The MOST-HIGH STANDARD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS As Inspired To Be WRITTEN IN-INK By The Establishers And Writers In What Is Designated As The [Preamble] Of The CONSTITUTION Of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA :

” A [ Good And Righteous] Determination The Preamble Is, For This Territorial-Juridictional-Bounderies Of This Sacred MOTHERLAND — But One For Territorial-Juridictional-Bounderies Across The Totality Of The Crust Of This Earth :

A Good And Righteous Order The PREAMBLE Is !!!-‘-For For All People Of Humanity …For… The [PREAMBLE] Is [ ORDAINED] To Always ‘ DO THAT WHICH IS RIGHT…AND… BE OF BENEFIT TO ALL THE PEOPLE ” !!!!

All The Common people of The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Need To Read The [ PREAMBLE] :

” If Any Of You Think That I’m Giving You ” Dis-Information And/Or “Mis-Information” ! If Anyone Of You Care Not About Yourself( That’s Your Chose) :

However, If There Is Any “Maternalness” Or “Paternalness” Of Mercy And Compassion For EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU’RE GENERATIONS TOO COME :


Sincerely And Respectfully

Alright, ” We The People” Endeavoring Daily Within The Communities Of This Young Anointed Country Of The United States Of America ! First, You Must Know This Is No-Thing Of What Is Viewed As Political– In Realization It’s What Should Be Viewed As The Begining Of Establishing The ” Good And Righteous Determination ” Of All Of What Is Expressed, Under The What Is Expressed Under The “Preamble”, Of The [ Constitution] Of The United States Of America As Written By The Establishers And Writers : Tha Land Of The Free ..The Home Of The Determined To Do That Which Is Right…And…Be Of Benefit To All The People In Any ” Situation”, ” Circumstances ” And/Or “Event”. People Of Humanity Travel Thousands Of Miles Of ” Sea”, ” Air” And ” Land”( Many Dying In Their Attempt) To Get A Glimpse, Of What The Greatest Landlord Sovereign, Across The Totality Of The Crust Of This Earth– Has To Offer ! And, What It Offers Is : ” Individual,Family, Communal, Religious And Economical Pursuit Of Happpiness In Equality,Equity And Justness(Justice) Without The Fear Of The Lost Of Freedom, limb Or Life ! ” THE PEOPLE OF THE REALIZED DEMOCRACY IN THE “STATE OF TEXAS” HAS STARTED THE “STOMP FOR THE FIGHT OF THIS GREAT REALIZED DEMOCRACY- ORDAINED HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO : THEREFORE, ALL THE PEOPLE ENDEAVORING DAILY WITHIN THE COMMUNITIES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, MUST JOIN THE START OF THIS ” CONSTITUTIONAL -REVOLUTION” ! IT’S TIME FOR THE RESPECTED AND RECOGNIZED LEADERS WITHIN ALL SPECTRUMS OF COMMUNITY, TO COME TOGETHER IN UNITY AND ORGANIZE THEIR CONGREGATIONAL FOLLOWERS AND “STOMP FOR WE THE PEOPLE OF THE COMMUNITIES : CONSTITUTIONAL-GUARANTEES AND RIGHTS” MOVEMENT ! WE CAN’T WAIT ! THE FIRST ATTACK ON OUR DEMOCRACY( OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEES & RIGHTS) HAS ALREADY BEEN MADE. STOMP ! BY: William Wise Murray IV. Friday, July16,2021, At 5:05 pm. Please, Listen To The Musical And Lyrical Virbrations ( Copyrights Of Which I Do Not Own) And Just Remember Church Just Mean– Congregation Of We The People Of The Communities Within The United States Of America: Which Belongs To The Common People With All Our [Constitutional ] Guarantees And Rights – And We The Common People Within The Communities Of The United States Can’t Allow These Guarantees And Rights Go Away !

Is There A Silent Separatist Movement About In Christian Ideaology ? We The People Of The Communities Must Remain Unified In CHRIST !!!! Isn’t That What Paul And The Others Endeavored Too Do In Christianity : Unifying–And Not, DIVISION. By: William Wise Murray IV. Date: July 6, 2021. Please See Video( Below)For Which I Made The Above Comment.

A Dual Independence Day Of Rememberence On The 4th( Sunday) Of July 2021, In The United States Of America. By : William Wise Murray IV. Date: July 5th 2021 at 4:35 AM EST.

On Sunday, The 4th Of July 2021, “We The People”,Within The Communities Of The United States Of America, Were In Celebration Of Our Day Of Independence From The Royal British Crown– ” As An Independent People With Our Own New Found Motherland Of Territorial Jurisdictional Boundaries ! A Land Of Ideas For A People With Equality, Equity, Liberties, Justness And The Pursuit Of Happiness For All Her People.

Also, On This Day, “We The People” Within The Communities Of The United States Of America, Are In Celebration Of Our 46th Presidential Administration’s Endeavoring In ” Beating-Back” The Initial High American-People Death Rate, That Was Being Experienced Within The Communities Across Our Motherland As A Result Of The “Global COVID-19 Pandemic..As Well As.. ” Safe-Guarding” The Lives Of The People Endeavoring Daily Within The Communities :

” Given The Administration’s Creative Procedural Aspect Of The [ American Rescue Plan’s ] Strategic Oversight Of The Production Of Vaccines ; Implementation & Execution Of The Administering Of Vaccinations And For The Continued Transparency And Follow On The Totality Of These Aspects.

Moreover, For The Administration’s Ensuring That All Age, Ethinicty, Genders, Communities And Different Classes Of Our American Societal Make-Up Recieved These Aspects Of The [ American Rescue Plan ] In :

” Fairness And Equalness Of Doses To Assure That The People Could Be Able To Stand And Fight Against This “New Virual Force” [ Coronavirus-Epidemic] And Reduce It’s Affects Being Experienced Within The Communities Of The United States Of America !

Therefore, As A Free American Societal People Within The Communities Of Our Motherland :

” On This Day, We Are Thankful For The Ideas Of The Establishers And Writers Of Both Our [ Declaration Of Independence] And [ Constitution] Of Our Great Young Anointed Country Of The United States Of America — As Well As For The Continued Scientific Endeavors And Procedural Aspects Of Our 46th Presidential Administration’s Putting Into Both “Law” And ” Implementation Of The The American Rescue Plan And Our Young Anointed Country’s Lead Global Effort To Defeat This New Virual Threat Too The People Of Humanity Across The Totality Of The Crust Of This Earth.

“We The People” Know Within Our Hearts, That We Can Proudly Say On Sunday The 4th Of July 2021″ :

U.S.A ! U.S.A ! U.S.A. !

Please Also See The Our 46th Presidential Video– Below :

Youth ! Our Country’s Coronavirus Vaccination Program In America, Has Proved Successful. By: William Wise Murray IV 06/24/2021, 1:24 a.m. Et.

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Is Requesting For Our “Youth” Within The Communities Of The Great State Of South Carolina( As Well As, Across The United States Of America) To Be Confident In America’s Vaccination Program :

” It Is Reported, That Hospitalization In America As A Result Of Coronavirus, Has Dropped By More Than 90%.”

Therefore, In An Effort, To Continue To Safeguard Our Youth, Our 46th Presidential Administration:

” Urges The Communities Of The Great State Of South Carolina To Encourage Our ” Youth” To Get Vaccinated.”

We Should Be Of The “Idea And Realization ” In Our Communities : ” That All Lives Matter In The Great State Of South Carolina, Especially Our Future– Our Youth !

Please, Read The President’s Tweet Below.

Sincerely And Respectfully.

Inflection-Point With Regard’ To Fairness In Affordable Retirement Section 811 Communities Housing, Residential placement, For Both Seniors & Individuals Retitred As Result Of Disabilities : Under Management Of Private Property Real Estate Corporations Contracted By The U.S. Housing And Urban Development Agency. By: William Wise Murray IV. 06/20/2021 10:37 pm EST.

I Have An Idea, That Both “Seniors” And ” Individuals” Whom Have Become “Retired”From Participating In The Daily Economical Work Force As Result Of Disabilities, Should Have A Stronger Voice-” With Regard To Our National Disability Policy Development And Implementation : “With Respect, To Fairness In Residential Placement, Within The Affordable Retirement Section 811 Communities Housing Properties Under Management By Private Property Real Estate Corporations– In “The Congressional Legislative Chamber Of The United States Senate.”

As A Member of An “Inferior-Lower-Income Societal- Social-Class” In Our Society, Whom Became [Retired], From Participating In Our Societal Daily Work Force, As A Result Of Disabilities–(-Within The Many Different Communities Of The State Of South Carolina)– I’ve Come To Learn ,Through Personal Experience, How Hard It Is For Seniors And Individuals Of An INFERIOR-LOWER-INCOME SOCEITAL-SOCIAL-CLASS, To Find “Affordable Section 811 Retirement Communities Residential Opportunities Under Management Of Upscaled Private Real Estate Property Corporations, “Contracted”, By The U.S. Housing And Urban Development Agency” — Private Real Estate Property Corporations, That Appear, To Presently Have Broad- Discretion In The Implementing Their Own “Corporate Policies” In The Administration Of Both, The [American With Disability Act] And [ Fair Housing Amendment Act 1988].

I”ve Inquired Into Obtaining Residence Into Several Of These “Affordable Section 811 Retired Residential Communities” Several Years Prior “To Our National Coronavirus Epidemic” To no Success : To Be Exact [1]. I’ve Inquired Into Serveral Of These Affordable Section 811 Retired Residential Communities Developed Through The Tax-Dollars, Mostly, Collected From Those Of Whom Are Considered-( By These Large National Upscaled Private Real Estate Property Retired Residential Communities Management Corporations)- Of “Inferior-Lower Income- Classification” Background–( And Always Making Sure, To Put notice, That I Was Disabled And Recieve Social Security Benefits Per Month)..And.. [2]. Nevertheless, My Inquires Into HUD’s Section 811 Program(s) Availible for :Seniors” And “Individuals” Retired As A Result Of Disabilities( Was Acknowleged As A Potential For Residency, If I :

[A].Met The Minimum “Median Income Requirement” Based On The “Areas’s Median Income Taxed-Based [Set In Place] For A Paricular Area ( In Other Words, The “Minimum Median Income” Under HUD’S Taxed-Based Program–( For Retired And Disabled Senoirs And Individuals)– Properties Would Be Set At An Average Yearly-Income Between $21,000- $ 25,000 Per Year Income–(For Just One Retired Disabled Individual)– Which I Perceive As An “Income-Discriminatory” Scheme,” Against Those Individuals Retired As A Result Of The Many Different Classes Of Disabilities”, And Whom [Recieve A Smaller Dollar Amount In Sustainable Benefits]– “BUT NONETHELESS DISABLED AND RETIRED !

An “Income -Taxed -Based-Credit Scheme” : That Just Continously Allows “Upscaled Private Real Estate Property Management Corporations” To Discriminate Based On My Retired And Disabled Inferior-Lower Income Benefit, Inability To Meet The “Minimum Income Median” And By-Pass My Dire Housing need, Based On, My “Inferior Lower Income Retired And Disabled Annual Benefit Amount Allocation. :

“Under HUD’S Section 811 “Retired And Disabled” Affordable Housing Opportunities Within HUD’S Retirement Developement Commuinties Program–( Either Payed In Full And/Or Offset By Government Tax Dollars)– that Allowed For Section 811 opportunities for Every Person In The United States Who’s Retired And Disabled Without Regard To Their Inferior Lower-Income-Benefits Yearly Allocation :

“JUST NOT TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN HUD’S AFFORDABLE RETIREMENT COMMUNITY BENEFIT PROGRAM.Because My “Disablity Yearly Income” Didnt’t Meet, The “Minimum -Meduim- Income” Requirement Based On The Area “Medium-Income “Tax-Based Assetment” Set In Place, Probally By Real Estate Property “Auditors”And “Accessors” That Were Probally Contracted By Large Upscaled Private Real Estate Property Developers And Management Corporations: “Without Regard, To The ‘Neccessity-Needs’ Of Those :

Of Inferior-Lower Income Yearly Benefit Allocations For The DISABILITY- RETIREMENT Class.” Thus, Manifesting For Me The Following Societial Experiences That All Made Me More ” SEVERLY-DEPRESSED And Feeling More HOPELESS For Having Any Chance :

Of Beinging Able To Live Out My Senior Years With Any Resemblance Of The — “American Dream, During My Last Dancing Years, In This Thing Called Life, My Back Is Agaisnt The WALL”– To This Very Moment !

Than, The “Realization” Of What The Problem Was Came Forth :

” It Was Some Type Of “Descriminatory Practice” In Both The “Policies And The Implementation Of Policies — “With Regard To Those ” Seniors” And ” Individuals” Whom Become [ Retired], With An “Inferior- Lower- Income -Yearly Benefit Allocation” For Individuals Retired From Our Societal Economical Daily Work Force Participation.

As Result Of The Many Disabilities Classifications. Thus ,I’m Of The Idea,That A “Retirement Income -Discriminatory- Loophole” Policy Agenda Was Put Into Affect– To Deny Fairness And Equality To Those Of Inferior- Lower Income Disabilities Retired Societal Class.

And,Given This “Lack Of Fairness”, In The Policies And Implementation Of This Policies — I’ve Experienced Having To Move From One Person’s Residence To Another Person’s Residence in A Continous Cycle ; To Being Regarded As Unworthy As A Human Being, Given That I Couldn’t Provide Myself With A Roof To Cover My Own Head, Thus Worthless As What Modern-day Society Considers A Man ; To Being Mentally And Emotionally Abused Given The Simple Fact, That Others Knew I Couldn’t Do Any Better ; To Sleeping Both Fall & Cold Winter Nights At An Rest Area On I-20, In An Automobile, In The Mist Of A National Deadly Coronavirus ; To Having To Spending Cold Fall And Winter Days In Parks— “All Because Of The Implementation Of ” An Inferior Lower-Income Discriminatory Schemes”.

Therefore At This Point, I’m Of The Idea , That Under The Present Policies Of The U.S. Housing And Urban Development Agency ( Whom, Is Tasked With Administering The Congressional Mandates Enacted In The :

[ Americans With Disabilities Act] ; The [ Fair Housing Amendments Act Of 1988]; The [ Affordable Care Act Of 2010]..As Well As.. In The [ Civil Rights Laws]— ” It Appears , That Private Real Estate Property Management Corporations ‘Overseeing The Implemenation Of Policy Management’ For Residential Retirement Communities With Money Allocated From The U.S. Housing & Urban Development Agency -( With Allocation Funds Derivied From Our ‘National Tax-Coffers’ Have Been Given:

[B] “Broad-Discreation” In The Implementing Of Policies.. [C]. Which Has Allowed A “Financial-Differeiation-Loophole” Which Is Allowing An ” Inferior Lower Yearly Income Beneficiary- Discriminatory- Scheme Under HUD’S Section 811 “Retirement And Disabled” Communities Residential Programs : Which Is Denying Millions Of ” Retired Disabled Individuals” Residency, In A “Government Real Estate Investment Program”From Financial Allocations Derived From National-Taxed Dollars– For The Purpose Of Providing Residential Communities For All “Retired And Disabled” Americans.

Thus, This “Inflection-Point” Is To Bring “Awareness” Of The Need To Bring Congressional Legistlative Change To ” Restore” Fairness” And ” Equalness” In Affordable Living Opportunities, For Those “Seniors And Individuals” Of “Inferior Lower Income Yearly Beneficiaries Allocations,Whom, Become Retired As A Result Of Disiabilities :

And To “Restore Our Equal Rights” As Retired Disabled Americans, Whom Also Contributed To Our “Societal Economical Daily Work Force Contributions And Participations”, Before, The Misfortunes Of Beinging Found With Many Forms Of Disabilities. We [ The Retired Disabled ] Are Too Americans Who’ve Endeavored Also To Help Sustain Our Country’s Societal Idea Of The American Dream — And, Should Be Treated As Such And Honored And Privilged To Live Out The Idea Of What We Endeavored And Hoped For– ” The American Dream” ! In Safe Environments, Resources And Support..And.. Allowed A Chance To Re-Establish Our Independence ( For Many Of Us, Once Served And Protected Our Country, State, Local Governments And Communities ..As Well As..Sacrificed) In Our Societal Economical Daily Work Force Contributions And Parcticipation.

Our People-[ Retired As A Result Of Disabilities]– Are Also Deserving Of Wellness-Being Of Health And Humanitarian Treatment (Although In An “Inferior Lower Annual Income Societal -Class” And Deserve Residences To Taken Them Off The Street Of Homelessness, And Into Societal Decency & Self-Independence– Although, They’ve Retired As A Result Of Disabilities !

Thus, I Call For Our “Congressional Legislative Bodies Of Both The U.S. Senate And House Of Represenatives ” To Urgently Begin An Endeavor, For The Following Initiatives( With Respect For This Inflection-Point-Idea):

* For A Direct Response To Support The Urgent Needs Of Reform In Fairness In HUD’ S Section 811 Affordable Housing Opportunities With Regard To Retired :

Americans In An “Inferior Lower Yearly Income Beneficiary Allocation” — And Endeavor To Support “Seniors And Indviduals” Whom Have Become Retired From Our Societal Economical Daily Work Force Participation, As A Result Of Disabilities : In A Continued Mandate And Commitment To Developing more HUD Section 811 Affordable Housing Opportunities.

Sincerely And Respectfully

William Wise Murray IV

At-Large Volunteer Member Of The Democratic National Committee;

Community Member Of 2021, 2020 Victourious Communities United : And

Member Of The Universal Life Church Congregation Of Ministers.

The Hours Of Regressive, Supressive And Depressive Continuing Ideas, For The Communties Of South Carolina– is Nearing During The Week Of The 21st Of June,2021. By: William Wise Murray IV. Date: June 12th,2021.

I’m Reaching-Out, Into The Communities In This Communication, In An Endeavor To Bring To ” We The People”, Of The Communities Of South Carolina– ” To The Awareness( The Realization) That We’re One Mysterious( Unknown) Vote, Of Whether, The Most Righteous Tranformational Congresional Bill( The We The People Act, H.R.1) Put Forth, In Our Modern Day Of Light( In South Carolina), For Both The Perserving And Expanding Of Our United Communities CONSTITUTIONAL GURANTEED FREEDOMS.

The Freedom At Hand, That Is In “Danger”,Of Regression, Suppression And Continued Community Depression– IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GURANTEED FREEDOM, THAT IS THE FOUNDATION STONE & RIGHTEOUS COHESIVE GLUE, THAT KEEPS ALL OUR GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS SOLIDIFIED ! It Is Of Concern, Of The ” Abridgement” Of 15th Amendment National Constitutional Guaranteed Right To Vote, Within Our Communities Without Fear Of Regression, Suppression, Community Depression And Of Losing Freedom, Life,Limbs And Continued Pursuit Of Happinesss :

” Let It Be Known In Each And Everyone Our Hearts– THAT THE ALLOWANCE OF THE ABRIDGEMENT OF THIS CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEED RIGHT : Sets A Government Platform For The Manifestation( Bringing, Back Into Realization) The Potential For All The Above Unrighteousness !

I Know, That They’re People, Of A Righteous And Good Determination Of Heart,Within All Communities Of South Carolina, That Feel As Though That It’s A ” Useless Deed” To Be Active In Both The Idea And Process Of Government( Ceasar’s) Actions ! However, For Those Of The People Of A Righteous And Good Determination Of Heart Within The Communities, Of This Mis-guidance Of Belief, Please Allow Me To Bring You To Awareness Of Why I Expressed Mis-Guidance :

” For It Is Implied In The Cannonical Scripture Of The Judea-Christian Bible, That ” THE CHRIST”( That Is, THE ANOINTED ONE) Expressed( To The People Of Humanity):

To Give Unto CEASER, What’s Due To Ceasar..And.. To Give To The GOD Of The Righteous And Good Determination Of Hearts Of Hearts(The People Of Humanity), What’s Due Unto Him.” Compare: [ The Gospel Of Matthew, 22:21]. Emphasis Added.

In, Further Support Of The Above Everyday Application In This Thing That We Call Life– Another “Pearl Of Great Price” ! “Expanding” Further, On The Realization And Establishment Of Righteous And Good Determination, For The Hearts Of Hearts–( The People Of Humanity)–In A Pre- “LAND OF ESTABLISHMENT” For The Implementation Of A Righteous And Good Dertermination For The MOST-HIGH GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS :

” The [ Establishers] And [ Writers] Under The Sub-Heading [ PREAMBLE] In The [ CONSTITUTION] Of The United States Of America. [ Wrote In-Ink, By The Anointing, Of The MOST-HIGH GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS] :

” We The People”…Of The United States…In Oder To Form A More Perfect Union… Establish Justice(Righteousness)… Ensure Domestic(Communities) Calm( Tranquility)… Provide For A Common Defense…Promote The General Welfare…And Secure The BLESSINGS Of Freedom( Liberty) To Ourselves( The Citizens Of This New Salem) And Our Generations Of Citizens To Come(Posterity)…Do Ordain( Anoint) And Establish… This [ Constitution] For The United States Of America”!

Compare: [ The Constitution Of The United States Of America]. Emphasis Added.

Clearly, These “Forward -Moving” Righteous And Deterimination For The People Of Humanity Within all Communities In This Valley-Low-( South Carolina)- Of The Motherland For Righteous And Determinations Of The United States Of America :

” Establishes The Realization, That We The People, Endeavoring Daily Within The Communities, Have To ” ACT ” For All Righteous And Good Determinations, That Would Be Of Benefit, For The People Of Humanity, As An Obligation For Our Societal Beingness Of Structure…Moreover… If You Pay Attention To The Above Words Of Enlighten Awareness Of Beingnes By [ Establishers] And [ Writers] As Their [ IDEA] CONSTITUTION Under The [ PREAMBLE], You’re Come To The REALIZATION, That The GOVERNMENT( Ceasar) Power Was Given To ” We The People” And Taken Away From Ceasar[ GOVERNMENT] Through The CONSTITUTIONAL-ENACTMENT OF OUR 15TH AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE.

It Is Written, In The Cannonical Scriptures In The Judea-Christian Bible :

” That We ( The People) Have Not, Because We ASK NOT “. Compare: [ James 4 : 2-3 ]. Emphasis Added.

” But I Say, That We The People Of Righteous And Goid Determinations Of Hearts : ” HAVE NOT, BECAUSE WE ACT NOT”.

The “For The People Act(H.R.1) Will Be Put On The Floor Of The U.S. Senate, The Week Of The 21st Of June 2021, For The Very First Time, Since This Constitutional-Rights Congressional Expansion Bill( Of A Righteous And Good Determination), Was Initially Blocked From” A VOTE OF PASSAGE” By Use Of The U.S. Senate Parliamentary Filibuster Procedural Rule :

” But Be It Known That The Arch-Decievers And Ideaologers Of Unrighteousness In Our Modern Day Light Of Awareness :

Will Reveal Themselves By A ” VOTE OF NO ..AND/ OR.. NO VOTE” !

Therefore, I Call Each And Everyone Of You People Of Humanity Of A Righteous And Good Determination, To “ACTION” To Call Our U.S. Senators Lindesy Graham And Time Scott–( Of The State Of South Carolina And/Or Any U.S.Senator From Any Other State)– And Tell Them “Not To Cast-A-No-Vote” Against The Passage Of The ” We The People Act ” !

Sincerely And Respectfully

William Wise Murray IV , At-Large Volunteer Member Of The Democratic National Committee;

Community-Member Of 2020 Victourious Communities United ; And

Member Of The Universal Life Church Congregation Of Ministers.

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Holds True, To Diversity On The Federal Judicial Bench– The U.S. Senate Confirm’s Mr. Zahid Quraishi ( A Muslim) U.S. District Court Judge( In The District Of New Jersey.

Senate confirms Zahid Quraishi as first Muslim American federal judge in US history

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Meets With ” Black Wall Street”( A Once Thriving Tulsa, Oklahoma Black Community) Massacre Survivors. In This Video, You’ll Hear, The Voice Strenght Of One Of Our Elder-Mother-Matriachs Of Centenarians : Ask Our 46th President Of The United States , With Dignity As Strong As Steel ! ” [We] Had To Wait A Hundred Years ??? Powerful..And.. You’ll Also Hear, One Of Our Elder-Father-Patriach Centenarians Tell in A Voice Of Meaningfulness And Command: ” I Want Justice !!! ” powerful ! The Moral Of That Moment In Time To These Great Matriach And Patriarch Fore Mother And Father Of Ours Is : ” If We Can’t Forget, Don’t Ya’ll Forget !!! Yes,Black Wall Sreet Established Vital Communities Systems Of Prosperity, Tranquility And Pursuit Of Happiness, That Was Destroyed By Out Side Murderous Supremacy Attacking Forces : NOT FROM Community SELF- IMPLODING ! I Love Our Communities, Therefore, Respectfully And Sincerely Ask : “FOR A CEASE-FIRE” A Change Is Coming- Just Hold-On”.

Chairman-[ Jamie Harrision]- Of The Democratic National Committee, Retweet, On The Employment Growth And Recovery Progress Of Our National Economy, As We Endeavor In The Mist Of A National COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Idea, Of Universal Health Care, Continues To Increase, In The Endeavor Of Making A Realization, Of A “National Affordable Health Care Plan”, For All People, Endeavoring Daily, Within The Communities Of The United States– “Were All Lives Matter ! ( Regardless Of The Income Classification Of The Individuals And Families Are Of Concern”)! For ” We The People” ,Within The Totality Of The Communities, In The United States- Must Continue, To Enroll, Under The “Affordable Health Care Policy” Put In-Place By Our 44th Presidential Administration..And..Built- Upon, By Our 46th Presidential Administration– ” For, It’s A Neccessity To Capture The Compassion Put Forth In The Endeavors, Of Both, Of These Presidential Administration’s, Whom Visions In The “Idea”, That Health [Is Not] Just For The Privileged! — No Sir, No Ma’am, ‘ And That, It Should Be A [National- Right], For All People Within The Communities Of The United States.” Open-Enrollment Under The Affordable Care Act, Will Remain Open To August 15th,2021. For More Information : Affordable Health Care Act.

President Biden’s Tweet On The Progress, Of The Reduction In The Unemployment Rate And Successfully Getting 64% Of Adults In The United States Vaccinated.

I’m Of The Perspective, That The United States Senate’s Parliamentary : Needs To Create & Implement A Three- Prong Legislative Bill’s Test– ” That Allows For The Bypassing Of The Filibuster Rule.” The Filibuster-Rule, Is A Safe-Guard Used By A Minority Political Party In That Great Chamber( And, We Might Need It One Day To Safe-Guard The The Rights Of The People Of Humanity-[ Not Corporate Personalities, But Real Flesh And Blood Personalities] : Thus, I Ask My Beloved Democratic U.S. Senators, Not To Repeal The “Filibuster-Rule. For The Political Party, In Support Of The Modern-Day Maga Corporate-GODS, My Rise To A Majority In The Senate Again[ The U.S. Supreme Court Already Gave Artificial Intelligence To Corporate Paper GODS..To-Replace..Already In-Placed Congressional Voters Act– In Support Of Artificial Corporate Intelligence]. It Is My Humble Opinion, That You Honorable Senators Should Not Repeal The Filibuster Procedural Rule. Sincerely And Respectfully. My Perspective On The Below Article.

Democrats, Converted to Filibuster Foes, Are Set to Force the Issue

Continued Occurrences of Gun Violence– In The Communities Of The State Of South Carolina.

Open SmartNews and read “Coroner: Hartsville shooting ruled a homicide” here: To read it on the web, tap here:

President Biden’s Video On The Present Monthly – “State Of Economic Growth”, Within Our Country’, Given “Economic Growth Uncertainty”, As A Result A The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Calling For Action To Pressure Our U.S. Senator’s, To Remove The Senate’s Parliamentarian Filibuster Procedural Rule: And, Pass H.R 1 ” The For We The People Act”– To Ensure That ” We The People” -( Our Children, Grand-Children And GrandChildren-Children)-Voting Rights Are Expanded And Protected. Thereby, In Realization, Protecting Our Taken For Granted Freedoms — Which, Can Only Be Ensured ( As They Stand In Place This Moment) By Being Able To Cast Our “VOTES” In A Fair Voting Process-( For All Peopl,e In The Communities, Of The United States: No Matter, Our Political Affiliations)- Of Fairness And Equalness. To Be Assured, H.R. 1 Doesn’t Infringe On Our Already Limited Voting Procedural Rights: No Sir..No Ma’am, H.R.1 Restores And Expands Our Most Sacred Power( Government By The People & That’s Through Our Ability To Vote). By: William Wise Murray IV ( Given, The Totality Of The Situation, Cirumstances And Over Hundreds Of Court-Events Spreading Through Many Courts Within This Country By Lawyers Representing Republican Legislators Voting Interest).

President Biden’s Video, Calling For Action, To Get 70% Of The People Under 40 Year’s Of Age, Within The Communities Of The United States,Vaccinated, So That We Can Declare : “Our Independence” From The COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

Another Mass Shooting In In Florida! It Is No Doubt, That People Endeavoring Daily, Within The Communities Of The United States, Are Experiencing A New National Public Health Epidemic — “A Dehumanization-Virus” As A Result Of Continued Occurrences Of Gun Violence ! It Is My Perspective–( And, I Should Have A Right To Express This Perspective, As A Father Whom Have Been Victimized From Both Sides Of This Issue, As Have Lost Two-Sons As A Result Of Gun Violence : One-Son Being Accused Of Inflicting Gun Violence..And.. Another-Son, Murdered As A Result Of Gun Violence)– That It Is Time, For Our National & State Governments To Come Together In Unification Of ” Common-Defence” ! In An Endeavor, To [ 1]. Safe-Guard The Lives, Of The People Endeavoring Within The Communities( Without Regard, To Ethinicty, Race,Gender, Creed, Income Classification And/Or Religious Beliefs)..And.. In An Effort To Beat-Back Both The “Effects” And ” Affects ” Of This ” National Public Health Epidemic” Being Experienced Within The Communities Of The United States. Surely, “We The People” Of The United States, Endeavoring On Daily Basis Within All Communities, Have A “Guaranteed Constitutional-Right” To Be Able To Endeavor, In The All Our Communities, Without Losing Their Liberty In The [Pursuit Of Happiness] & Without Fear Of Losing [ Life] Or [ Limb]. As These To Government Enities, Are In Essence,One In Their Establishment Of State Of Beingness : And Therefore, Must Remove The Crippling Difference Ideaology Affect Of SUPERIORITY And Unify For A [ Common-Defence] And [To Restore The Tranquility] Envisioned By The ” Establishers” And ” Writers” ( Written In Ink) Under The Sub-heading Titled PREAMBLE In The [ Constitution] For The United States) — For All People Within The Totality Of Communities.

Sincerely And Respectfully

William Wise Murray IV : At-Large Volunteer Member Of The DNC ; Community Member Of The 2020 Victorious Communities United; And Member Of The Universal Life Church Congregation Of Ministers.

My Apologies To My National, State And Local Member Group Associates, For My Lack Of Posting And Participation Recently. By: William Wise Murray IV

I’ve Learned My First Lesson In One Area Of Politics : “That There Are Strategic Counter-Productive Moles Posing As Democratic Valued Membership Communities” While All Of The Time Having An Agenda Siphon Others Opinions And Ideas.

I’m Making This Apology As A Potential True Blue Grassroots Candidate Even If It’s Just No More Than A Write-In Candidacy. For The Last Several-Weeks I’ve Been Trying To Supposingly Recieve Edification On The Intricacies Of The Political Workings ( Through, A Particular Allegingly Interactive Community Group Via Mobilization, Whom Initially Had Caught My Attention Through Using An DNC Insigmia– And Of Course, I Went For The Bait.

However, I’m A Very Observant Fisherman, Because I Know That There Is Potential For ” Water-Macosin ” To Be Weighting My Fishing Rodline, Rather, Then A Bass And/Or Fresh Water Brim( Thus, Information Caution..And.. Alertness Was In Play!( However, I Must Admit That They Got Me For That $100 Commmunity Membership Fee).

But After My Third Session, The Realization Came Upon Me( An Everyday Honest Nieve Man) That For There Was Really No Following Of Structured Interaction Of The Platform Of Which ( I Was Advised To Prepare For) As To Become More Indepht With As Advertised By The Administrative Host. Unless, The Administrative Host Platforms Were Ideas For Seeding In The Member’s Mindial Sphere ( But Hell, The Particular Community Administrator Of The Community Hosting Platform, Could Have Just Communicated That..And.. Not Be Everywhere In Same Verbalized Rants About Why People( Allegingly, Not Members Keep Appearing In The Community Members Event Chat Room And Public Events, Without Paying Membership Fees And/Or Just Wanting To Listen To What The Administrator Was Articulating).

I Can Tell Y’all Right NOW– That Hosting-Administrator’s Articulations was Always A Recap Of What The Particular-Event Had Already Advertised Prior To The Event Date And Time ( However, No Specific Indepth Edification Articulations With Regard To The Specific Titled Event ( For, The Exception Of The Book Reading Club, Which I Only Participated In One Time That Focused On Others Perspectives On The History Of Slavery).

Moreover, I Also Came To The Realization That Something Wasn’t Right– As The Community Adm. Event Host Was Very Concerned And Preplexed About Why People Would Ask About What Was She Doing With The Membership Money That She Recieved — Which I Thought Were Fair Questions ( Hell, I Wished I Would Have Followed The Money Also, Before That Event Smoke Screen, Got My Much Needed $100).

I, Can Tell Each And Everyone Of You Right Now– Something In That Cooking Pot, Ain’t Clean( The Ole Conversation And Complaints and Paranoia Every Event From The Adm Event Host( Whom Allegedly Copyright The Event Platforms …Which She Only Articulated Word For Word.

Nevertheless, This Experience Of Mine– Has Thrown My Endeavors And Intention Back :

” and, I’ve Come To Understand That Nothing Comes With Out Cost : And Now It Hard Work( But, I’m One Not To Ever Give-Up Until It’s All Said And Done. Thus, Y’all Will Come To Know That I Never Submit To The Setback Of My Democratic Endeavors , Perspectives And Agendas.

This Experience, Just Made Me Wiser And More Determined : In My Heart Of Hearts As A Grassrooter :

It Doesn’t Matter How Experienced A Person Is In A Field Of Endeavor ; It Doesn’t Matter Their Degrees And It Doesn’t Matter About Other People Bags Of Tricks — I’m Coming, I’m In It ( Via Self Edification) To Win It !

” And Most Of All, Since I’ve Recieved Such Attention — I Know I’m A Threat To Somebody ( Because If I Wasn’t Time Would Have Been Wasted On Me).

Sincerely And Respectfully

The 5th Regional District Of The Federal Reserve Board( Of Which, The State Of South Carolina, Is Within) Has Indicated Through A Regional Survey– An Up-tick In The Service And Manufactoring Sectors Within The Regional Business Economy. By: William Wise Murray IV, Source: Richmond Fed 05/25/2021.



The 5th Regional Federal Reserve Board, Has Indicated That Activity In The [ Service-Sector ] In The Region During The Month Of May 2021, Has Improved, According To The Board’s Most Recent Survey.

The Board Has Implied, That The [ Demand] & [ Revenues] Indexes In The Service Sector Increased To [29-43] in This Month Of May 2021..From..[ 22-32] During The Month Of April 2021.

This Is Implied To Be The Highest ” Service-Demand” Index Survey Reading Thus Far ( And I Assume, Thus Far Since The Start Of Our National Coronavirus Epidemic Crisis). An Increase Of Spending Within The “Service Busisnesses Communities”, That Is Due (In My Perspective) To Individual, Families, And Children, Financial Sustainability Aspects Put In Place By Our 46th Presidential Administration’s [ American Rescue Plan] During This National Coronavirus Epidemic Crisis Given :

[1]. The 161 Million Coronavirus Financial Stimulus Economical Resources Made Available Under The Plan For Individuals, Families And Children–

Examples (A). The $1,400 Per Person Per Household;,(B). The Increased Child Tax Credit Of $3,000( From $2,000) For Children Six Years Of Age And Older..And.. (C). The $3,600 Child Tax Credit ,Per Child,( For Children Under The Age Of Six). That Is Driving This Up-Tick In The [ Service] And [ Demand] Sectors Of Businesses, Within The 5th Region Of The Federal Reserve Board Business Economy.

The Aforementioned,Should Bring Some Good Business News For The Communities Of The State Of South Carolina, As We Continue To Endeavor Daily During Our National Coronavirus Epidemic Crisis–

” And, Should Also Reflect,As A Result, Of Our 46th Presidential Administration’s, Committed Endeavor, To Restore [Economic Subsistence And Balance] Through The [ Financial Sustainability Aspects] Put In-Place In The [ American Rescue Plan] For Low And Middle Income Class Individuals, Families And Children Within The Communities Of South Carolina, During These Times Of National Crisis.



The 5th Federal Reserve Board Has Also Indicated That Activitity In The “Manufactoring-Sector” In The Region During The Month Of May 2021 Has Also Improve, According To It’s Most Recent Survey.

The Board, Has Implied That “Shipments”, ” New Orders” And “Employment” In The Manufactoring Industry Sector Within The Region, Grew To [ 18] Activity Measurement in This Month Of May 2021, From A [ 17] Activity Measurement During The Month Of April 2021.

Further, It Was Implied By The Board, That Although An Increase In Manufactoring Activity Occurred During The Month Of May 2021– “That A Decline Was Seen In The The Demand And Supply For ” Raw Material Inventory”, In The Region.

Nevertheless, The Board Went On To Imply That The Region Is Seeing “Improved Business Conditions” In The Region. Again, It Is My Perspective That The ” Improved Business Conditions” In The 5th Federal Reserve Board Region : ” Is A Result Of Our 46th Presidential Administration’s “Financial Sustainability Aspects” Put In-Place In The [ American Rescue Plan] For Low And Middle Income Class Individuals, Families And Children, During This National Coronavirus Epidemic Crisis.

And, Should Also Reflect Our 46th Presidential Administration’s Committed Endeavor To Restore [ Economic Substistence And Balance Within The Communities Of The Great State Of South Carolina, During These Times Of National Crisis.

Sincerely And Respectfully

William Wise Murray IV At-Large Volunteer Member Of The DNC ; Volunteer Member Of 2020 Victorious Communities United And Volunteer Ordained Member Of The Universal Life Church Ministers Congregation.

Income Clash ! This Is What The Far-Right Conservatives, Are Really About– Stripping Away Any Financial Assistance That Aid And Assist [Lower] And [Middle] Income Class Individuals & Families! Based On An Assertion, That Individuals Refuse To Return To Their Employment Because Of The $300 COVID-19 Emergency Unemployment benefits( And As Result, Sacrifice Millions Of Individuals & Families To Financial Hardship And Everyday Survial Suffering). These, Far-Right Conservative Politicians Have Begun To Operate Straight-Out In Reverse Tactical Strategy : ” Remember The Saying– Sacrifice The [FEW] To Save The [Many] ? Well, Now They’re Sacrificing The [ MANY] To Save The [Few] ! O’ People Of The Many Different Communities, Please Understand ” That What WE THE PEOPLE, Within The Many Different Communities, Of The State Of South Carolina And In The Many Other Different States, Of The United States Are Experiencing Is A POLITICAL INCOME CLASH BATTLE ! Between, [Upper Rich] Local And Multi-national Corporations..And.. [ Lower] And [ Middle] Income Class Individuals And Families Living Within The Communities ; And, These Far-Right Conservative Governors, State And Congressional Legislators, Are All Banding Together, To Sacrifice The LITTLE Scrificial-LAMBS–( Whom, Are In Realization The People Within The Communities Both In Need & Depending On The $300 COVID-19 Emergency Unemployment Benefits For Their Families Survial )– The [ Lower] And [ Middle] Income Class Individuals And Families Living Within The Many Different Communities. If, Y’all Didn’t Know The Realization — ” NOW Y’ALL KNOW ! I, CALL All The [ Lower] And [ Middle] Income Class Individuals And Families TO [ VOTE] THESE FAR-RIGHT CONSERVATIVE POLITICIANS OUT OF OFFICE AT EVERY [ VOTING-POLL]..AND.. AT EVERY [ ELECTION] !!! Flip-It Deep-Blue !

Open SmartNews and read “3.5 million workers are at risk of losing their unemployment benefits as Republican governors cut pandemic aid” here: To read it on the web, tap here:

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