Can The Palmetto State Teachers Association,Parents,Communities And Public School Officials Seek An Temporary Injunction-( For The Fall And Winter Season Of Our State’s 2021-2022 Public School Year)- Against Governor McMasters Executive Order Lifting The Ban On Mask Requirements In Our State’s Public Schools And Public Buildings ? By: William Wise Murray IV. Date: August 17, 2021, At 6:14 pm. EST.

The State Of South Carolina “Supreme Court Since The Start Of The Coronavirus Epidemic In Our State, Has Issued Various Court Orders In Response To Addressing The Impact Of COVID-19– In Which The Court In Doing So, Has Expressly Recognized That The [ Extraordinary Circumstances] Associated With The Coronavirus Epidemic Differs From Previous Emergencies Involving A [ Single Event ] :

That Is, The Fact That Most Single Emergency Events Have A Begining & A Predictable End… However… This Is Not So With Regard To The Coronavirus Epidemic, Given That The End Of This Single State Of National Emergency Event Has NO PREDICTABLE END. Compare: [In Re Operations Of The Trial Courts During The CORONAVIRUS EMERGENCY] App. No.2020- 000447,am. No. 2021-03-04-01 Sec. 5(A) (S.C. Sup. Ct Filed March 4, 2021).

A News Release Issued Monday, August 16, 2021, By The [ Palmetto State Teachers Associations], Expressed That An Overwhelming Majority Of It’s Members, Support Allowing Local Public School Districts To Decide Whether They Want To Require Masks In The Classrooms.

Compare: [ Article, By Tracy Glantz, @ At TGGLANTZ@The State.Com : “SC Teachers Group Calls On MacMaster’s To Declare Emergency And Require Masks In Schools” — I, Assume Given Governor MaMaster’s Authority To Issue An Earlier ” Executive Order” That Ban Mask And Vaccination Requirements Within The State Of South Carolina Public Schools :

” Where The Governor Took The “Political position “, That Shutting Down Our State, Closing Schools And Masking The Children( Who Have NO CHOICE) Regarding The Government Masking Them, To Protect Adults Who Do Have A Choice, Is The Wrong Thing To Do…And… We’re Not Going To Do It”.

What A Grand Articulated Attempt At Confusing ,The People Within The Communities Of Our Great State Of South Carolina,With MisInformation ! Yes, I Made This Above Assertion, Because The Governor Has Implied, That The Determination Of The People Of South Carolina, Was To Shut Down The State, Given The Governor’s Economy Rhetoric After Making The Aforementioned Statements( During His Press Conference Announcement Of His Executive Order Lifting The Mask Mandate Within Both The Public Schools And Public Government Buildings In South Carolina :

( With Regard To Him Lifting The Mask Mandate) :

” When His Above Statement IS NOT THE DETERMINATION OF THE PEOPLE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, With Regard To Said Executive Order…Nor.. Is It The Determination Of The People Of Our State To Close The Public Schools !”

The Post-Challenges To His Said Executive Order Is In A Respectful And Humble Plea To Temporarily Suspend The Executive Order Ban Lifting The Mask Requirement In Our Public Schools And Public Buildings( Given The Fact That’s What Public Schools Are Considered)— ” In An Effort To Safeguard The Lives Of The Communities Most Vulnerable K-8th Grades Public School Population…As Well As… The Young Teenage 9th-12th Grades Public Schools Populations: “Against This New Delta-Variant Of The Coronavirus Strain Spreading Through The Communities Of Our State Without Any Safeguards Put In-Place Against This More ” Contagious And Easier Transmissable Potentially Dangerous [Public Health Event ] Occuring Now ! Within The Communities Of South Carolina.

The People Of Our Great State Is Only Making A Plea To The Governor, Given The Surge In Coronavirus Cases Reported , As A Result, Of The Delta-Variant Strain To Rescind His Executive Order Temporarally And Endeavor To Mitigate The Potential Affects Of This New Delta-Variant Without Any Public Health Epidemic Safegaurds In Place Within Our Public Schools During Both The Upcoming ” Fall” And ” Winter” Months Of Our State’s Public School Year :

” It’s Obvious That The People Of South Carolina Is Not Demanding That The Public Schools Within Our State’s Community Be [ Closed] During This Public School Year As A Result Of This Delta-Variant Public Health Epidemic Event”.

However, It Does Appear That Our Governor’s Determination Through Constant Refusal To Give A Inch In His Political-Position, With Regard To This Issue :

” Is To Shut Down The Down The Public Schools Within The Communities Of The State Of South Carolina In Pursiut Of A One Year Fiscal-Policy Endeavor Supposingly Saving A Few State Dollars That The State Want Have To Spend On Masks…While…At The Same Time Subjecting All Of Children And Young Teenage Public School Populations To Playing A Dangerous Game Of Chess With The Delta-Variant Of The Coronavirus Strain During Surging Public Health Epidemic In Our State.”

And, I Stand On A Solid Foundation For My Above Assertion Because According To The South Carolina Department Of Health And Environmental Control ( SCDHEC) That There Was Almost Fifthteen(15,000) New Coronavirus Cases From A Time Span Of August 9th, 2021 -August 13th,2021 –( However, The Exact Number Was 14,864 New Case)– Within One Week ! And, Following With An Average Of ( 2,973) New Coronavirus Cases Per Day In The Great State Of South Carolina– And, With (67) Deaths Occuring During A Most Devasting Week Of Both The Effect

Futher, SCDHEC Had Also Reported On August 10,2021 -( Tuesday Of This Devasting Week)- That At Least ( 1,116) Residents Of Our State Were [ Hospitalized] As A Result Of The Coronavirus ( The Last Date That SCDHEC Reported During That Week). There Should Be No Doubt, That This [ Delta Variant ]Surge In “Coronavirus Cases”, “Hospitalizations ” And ” Deaths” Poses A New Heighten Coronavirus Public Health Epidemic To Our Most Vulnerable Populations In The Public Schools Within The Communities Of South Carolina:

” Thereby, Granting The Respectful And Humble Request Of The People Of South Carolina For The Governor [ 1]. To Either Grant A Temporary Stay From The Enforcement On His Executive Order Banning Mask Requirement…And/Or… [2]. Seek An “Injuction Order “From A Court( Appealing All The Way Up) To The Supreme Court Of The State Of South Carolina, In Hopes Of A Court Issuing An Ordering For The Governor To Re-Modify Is Executive Order Allowing A Mask Requirement Through Both The “Fall” And “Winter” Months Of Our State’s Upcoming Public School Year– ” Given That SCHEC Has Reported That The Delta Variant Has Become The Most Dominate Variant Strain Of The Coronavirus Epidemic Being Experiened NOW Within The Communities Of South Carolina And This Particular Variant Characteristics Of Beinging Highly Contagious And Easier Transmissable :

“In Which The Governor, Should Be Incredibly More Concerned About The Potential Of This New Variant Strain.

The Governor, Has The Authority To Both Issue State Emergency Executive Orders…And…To Rescind A State Emergency Executive Order In This Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak ( Of The Delta Variant) Which Is Sufficient Severity And Magnitude To Warrant A Reinstatement Of A Mask Mandate Requirement Emergency Declaration Within The Public Schools In The Communities Of The State Of South Carolina :

” Given That On March 13,2020, Our 45th Presidential Administration Of The United States Had Declared An Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak of Sufficient Severity And Magnitude To Warrant An Emergency Declaration For All States : ( Thereby, Giving Our Governor, Emergency Declaration –Executive Order– Authority In Ongoing COVID-19 PANDEMIC Outbreaks Of Sufficient Severity And Magnitude To Warrant A Masking Requirement Mandate Executive Order For All Public Schools And Government Buildings In The Great State Of South Carolina.

The Magnitude Of This Now Ongoing ” Delta Variant” Of The Coronavirus Epidemic Strain Surging In The Communities Of Our State Is Tremendous :

” The [ Delta Variant ] Of The Coronavirus( COVID-19) Pandemic Is More Likely To Manifest Serious Complications In zour Children… A Variant…. That Is Very Different Than Variants Strains Of The Found In Previous Coronavirus Cases Within The State Of South Carolina…. As Well As… A Variant Strain More Dangerous To Children Not Using Preventative Measures Like” Masking-Safety” During Both The [Fall And Winter Seasons] Of Our State’s 2021-2022 Public School Year. Compare: [ http://Elizabeth Mack Division Chief Of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine At The Medical University Of South Carolina]. Emphasis Added.

Moreover, According To SCDHEC ( 2,277) New cases Have Been Added To Our State’s Total COVID-19 Case Count,As Of Today [ Tuesday, August 17,2021, At 01:57 pm].. Further, SCDHEC Also On Today Has Reported (7) New ” Deaths” — Bringing Our State’s Death Total As A Result Of The Coronavirus Epidemic— To ( 10,115) :

” Of Which (45) Of The Most Recent New Cases, Have Occurred As A Result Of [ Breakthrough-Cases] — Which Are Cases That Involve Individuals Whom Had Been Fully vaccinated Against Previous Coronavirus Variants”.

Given All Of The Above Aforementioned Information, It Seems That Our Governor, Has Not Come To The Realization– ” That The Lives Of The Children Of South Carolina Endeavoring For A State Education In The Halls, Between The Walls And Classrooms, In The Public Schools Of The Great State Of South Carolina, Matters ! :

” Especially, When Their Lives Are Put Side-By-Side With Economic Policies And Agendas “.

Sincerely And Respectfully

SC teachers group calls on McMaster to declare emergency and require masks in schools

Author: Murion Articulations

I'm Of The Following Beingness : To My Present Internal( Inner) Moment By Moment Experiences, In This Thing, That We Call Life ..And.. To My Ancestors, Elders, Family, Friends, Associates, Country And Humanity. I Dedicate, All My Endeavors, To The Best Of My Knowingness( Gnosis), To The Continued Endeavor Of : " Doing That Which Is Right..And..Which Would Benefit The All Of The People/Humanity( And Thereby, Creation). I Will Continue To Endeavor, To Elevate My Human- " Mindial", " Emotional", " Spiritual/Intuitive" And " Awareness Of Beingness" Realizations( To Cultivating- Mercy, Compassion, Knowingness, Understanding, , The Realization..And..Sacrificing Of Myself In Some Form, In My Event Of The Experiencing Of The Most-High Macro-Cosmic[ Heavenly] Creator-Triune, In Each Past, Present And Future, Moments Within My Most-High Internal Light Of Awareness, Whom In Realization The Light And Life Of My Beingness). All Those, Of Humanity Whom Endeavors, To Do That Which Is Right..And..Which Would Benefit The All Of The People-- Can Find Me, As A Friend, Helper[ In, Some Capacity], Trustworthy And Loyal. For, I'm As One Of Humanity, Whom Endeavors, To Do The " Good And Righteous Determination" , Of Our Most-High Heavenly Creator-Triune ! Thus, I Will Only Express( Atriculate) And Walk In The Realization Of Their "Goodness And Righteousness", As They Giveth To Me To Perceive. For This, Is How My Human- " Mindial", " Emotional", " Spiritual/Intuitive" And " Awareness Of Beingness" Has Undergone My Present Transmutation : Which Mystically ,was Brought To Realization Through My Internal Light Of Awareness Of Beingness, In Which, I Have My Individual Beingness.. And.. Whom Also, Has Bestowed A Dispensation Of Grace[ Favor/Anointing] In My Beingness : " [1] Not Because, I Was Always Seen Worthy, To Recieve My Grace( But, Because I Endeavored For The Recieving Of It)..[B]. Not Because Of My Determination In This Thing,That We Call Life( But, Because I Felt The Weaknesses Of My Endeavors, In This Thing That We Call Life)..[C]. Not, Because I'm Above Others( But, Because I Yearn With All My Beingness, To Do The " Good And Righteous Determination Of Our Most-High Creator Triune", For The Benefit Of All People/Humanity) ! and, For This " Micro-Cosmic"( Creative-Starry-Crown Of Realization), I Shall Continously Endeavor, In The Prescence Of Our Most-High Heavenly[ Macro-Cosmic] Internal/ Inner Light Of Awareness Of Beingness( Whom Is, The Sacrificial-Anointed One, Of Beingness In This Thing That We Call Creation)-- Yes, The Only Anointed One, Whom Shares All The Things, Of All People Individual Endeavors With Us Individually..And.. Whom, At The Trumpet-Sound Of Gabriel- Will Raise Us Up In Totality To " Transcedental-Everlasting Awareness Of Beingness". Therefore, I've Decided To " Adopt" And " Commit" To The [ Preamble] Of The Democratic National Convention, Approved On August 18,2020 : " America, Is An [ Idea]- One, That Has Endured And Evolved, Through [ War] And [ Depression], Which Also Prevailed Over [ Fascism] And [ Communism], And Radiates [ Hope] To Far Distant Corners Of The Earth. Americans, Believes That [Diversity], Is Our Greatest [ Strenght]. That [ Protest] Is Among The Highest [ Form] Of Patriotism. That Our [ Fates] And [ Fortunes] Are Bound To [ Rise] And [Fall ] Together. That Even When We [Fall] Short Of Our [ Highest-Ideas], We Never Stop [ Trying] To Build A More Perfect Union. When, The [American People ] Go To The [ Polls], We Will Be Choosing, More Than A [ Candidate]-- Because We Believe That Our [Nation's], [ States] And [ Communities] Characters Are On The Ballots In Our Elections. But, More Than That-- We Believe The Character Of Our Canidates Is Also On The Ballots In Our Elections. Further, We Believe That The Character Of Our ( Country Democracy) ..The Character Of Our( Country's Society).. Our (Country's Communities) And Our ( Country's Unifying Character) Are In The Ballots. The [ Challenges] Before Us-[ The Worst, Public Health Crisis In One-Hundred Years, The Worse Economic Down-Turn Since The Great Depression, The Worst Period Of World Upheaval In A Generation, The Urgent Global Crisis Posed By Environmental Climate Change, The Intolerable Racial Injustice That Still Stains The Different Make-Up The People In The United States]-- Yes, The Test Of The Testing Of The United States Character, Is Like That Of Never Before In Modern Times-- "Given, The Fragility's Of Our Economy, Of Our Social Safety Nets, Of The Risk Posed By A Growingness Of Inequality, The Impacts of [Racial & Economic] Disparities ( Especially, Those Of Lack Of Employment And Health Care Treatment)...As Well As... A Profound Deepening Of Polarization & Political Paralysis. The Bill Of The People, Is Presented In Totality Under [ Preamble]- Which, I'm In Accord With In Totality. I'm Of The " Knowing" That The [ Democratics] Will [ Fight] To Repair The Souls Of Our [ Country], [ States] And [ Communities] To : [Unite] and [ Heal] Them...To Turn [Crisis] Into A More [ Stronger], [Brighter] And [ Equitable] Future. Please, Walk With Me ! Because Together We're Stand And Divided We're Fall. Sincerely And Respectfully William Wise Murray IV At-Large Volunteer Membership Democratic National Committee Ordained Minister Of The Universal Life Church Congregation Of Ministers. And Site Administrator.

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