My Apologies To My National, State And Local Member Group Associates, For My Lack Of Posting And Participation Recently. By: William Wise Murray IV

I’ve Learned My First Lesson In One Area Of Politics : “That There Are Strategic Counter-Productive Moles Posing As Democratic Valued Membership Communities” While All Of The Time Having An Agenda Siphon Others Opinions And Ideas.

I’m Making This Apology As A Potential True Blue Grassroots Candidate Even If It’s Just No More Than A Write-In Candidacy. For The Last Several-Weeks I’ve Been Trying To Supposingly Recieve Edification On The Intricacies Of The Political Workings ( Through, A Particular Allegingly Interactive Community Group Via Mobilization, Whom Initially Had Caught My Attention Through Using An DNC Insigmia– And Of Course, I Went For The Bait.

However, I’m A Very Observant Fisherman, Because I Know That There Is Potential For ” Water-Macosin ” To Be Weighting My Fishing Rodline, Rather, Then A Bass And/Or Fresh Water Brim( Thus, Information Caution..And.. Alertness Was In Play!( However, I Must Admit That They Got Me For That $100 Commmunity Membership Fee).

But After My Third Session, The Realization Came Upon Me( An Everyday Honest Nieve Man) That For There Was Really No Following Of Structured Interaction Of The Platform Of Which ( I Was Advised To Prepare For) As To Become More Indepht With As Advertised By The Administrative Host. Unless, The Administrative Host Platforms Were Ideas For Seeding In The Member’s Mindial Sphere ( But Hell, The Particular Community Administrator Of The Community Hosting Platform, Could Have Just Communicated That..And.. Not Be Everywhere In Same Verbalized Rants About Why People( Allegingly, Not Members Keep Appearing In The Community Members Event Chat Room And Public Events, Without Paying Membership Fees And/Or Just Wanting To Listen To What The Administrator Was Articulating).

I Can Tell Y’all Right NOW– That Hosting-Administrator’s Articulations was Always A Recap Of What The Particular-Event Had Already Advertised Prior To The Event Date And Time ( However, No Specific Indepth Edification Articulations With Regard To The Specific Titled Event ( For, The Exception Of The Book Reading Club, Which I Only Participated In One Time That Focused On Others Perspectives On The History Of Slavery).

Moreover, I Also Came To The Realization That Something Wasn’t Right– As The Community Adm. Event Host Was Very Concerned And Preplexed About Why People Would Ask About What Was She Doing With The Membership Money That She Recieved — Which I Thought Were Fair Questions ( Hell, I Wished I Would Have Followed The Money Also, Before That Event Smoke Screen, Got My Much Needed $100).

I, Can Tell Each And Everyone Of You Right Now– Something In That Cooking Pot, Ain’t Clean( The Ole Conversation And Complaints and Paranoia Every Event From The Adm Event Host( Whom Allegedly Copyright The Event Platforms …Which She Only Articulated Word For Word.

Nevertheless, This Experience Of Mine– Has Thrown My Endeavors And Intention Back :

” and, I’ve Come To Understand That Nothing Comes With Out Cost : And Now It Hard Work( But, I’m One Not To Ever Give-Up Until It’s All Said And Done. Thus, Y’all Will Come To Know That I Never Submit To The Setback Of My Democratic Endeavors , Perspectives And Agendas.

This Experience, Just Made Me Wiser And More Determined : In My Heart Of Hearts As A Grassrooter :

It Doesn’t Matter How Experienced A Person Is In A Field Of Endeavor ; It Doesn’t Matter Their Degrees And It Doesn’t Matter About Other People Bags Of Tricks — I’m Coming, I’m In It ( Via Self Edification) To Win It !

” And Most Of All, Since I’ve Recieved Such Attention — I Know I’m A Threat To Somebody ( Because If I Wasn’t Time Would Have Been Wasted On Me).

Sincerely And Respectfully

Author: Murion Articulations

I'm Of The Following Beingness : To My Present Internal( Inner) Moment By Moment Experiences, In This Thing, That We Call Life ..And.. To My Ancestors, Elders, Family, Friends, Associates, Country And Humanity. I Dedicate, All My Endeavors, To The Best Of My Knowingness( Gnosis), To The Continued Endeavor Of : " Doing That Which Is Right..And..Which Would Benefit The All Of The People/Humanity( And Thereby, Creation). I Will Continue To Endeavor, To Elevate My Human- " Mindial", " Emotional", " Spiritual/Intuitive" And " Awareness Of Beingness" Realizations( To Cultivating- Mercy, Compassion, Knowingness, Understanding, , The Realization..And..Sacrificing Of Myself In Some Form, In My Event Of The Experiencing Of The Most-High Macro-Cosmic[ Heavenly] Creator-Triune, In Each Past, Present And Future, Moments Within My Most-High Internal Light Of Awareness, Whom In Realization The Light And Life Of My Beingness). All Those, Of Humanity Whom Endeavors, To Do That Which Is Right..And..Which Would Benefit The All Of The People-- Can Find Me, As A Friend, Helper[ In, Some Capacity], Trustworthy And Loyal. For, I'm As One Of Humanity, Whom Endeavors, To Do The " Good And Righteous Determination" , Of Our Most-High Heavenly Creator-Triune ! Thus, I Will Only Express( Atriculate) And Walk In The Realization Of Their "Goodness And Righteousness", As They Giveth To Me To Perceive. For This, Is How My Human- " Mindial", " Emotional", " Spiritual/Intuitive" And " Awareness Of Beingness" Has Undergone My Present Transmutation : Which Mystically ,was Brought To Realization Through My Internal Light Of Awareness Of Beingness, In Which, I Have My Individual Beingness.. And.. Whom Also, Has Bestowed A Dispensation Of Grace[ Favor/Anointing] In My Beingness : " [1] Not Because, I Was Always Seen Worthy, To Recieve My Grace( But, Because I Endeavored For The Recieving Of It)..[B]. Not Because Of My Determination In This Thing,That We Call Life( But, Because I Felt The Weaknesses Of My Endeavors, In This Thing That We Call Life)..[C]. Not, Because I'm Above Others( But, Because I Yearn With All My Beingness, To Do The " Good And Righteous Determination Of Our Most-High Creator Triune", For The Benefit Of All People/Humanity) ! and, For This " Micro-Cosmic"( Creative-Starry-Crown Of Realization), I Shall Continously Endeavor, In The Prescence Of Our Most-High Heavenly[ Macro-Cosmic] Internal/ Inner Light Of Awareness Of Beingness( Whom Is, The Sacrificial-Anointed One, Of Beingness In This Thing That We Call Creation)-- Yes, The Only Anointed One, Whom Shares All The Things, Of All People Individual Endeavors With Us Individually..And.. Whom, At The Trumpet-Sound Of Gabriel- Will Raise Us Up In Totality To " Transcedental-Everlasting Awareness Of Beingness". Therefore, I've Decided To " Adopt" And " Commit" To The [ Preamble] Of The Democratic National Convention, Approved On August 18,2020 : " America, Is An [ Idea]- One, That Has Endured And Evolved, Through [ War] And [ Depression], Which Also Prevailed Over [ Fascism] And [ Communism], And Radiates [ Hope] To Far Distant Corners Of The Earth. Americans, Believes That [Diversity], Is Our Greatest [ Strenght]. That [ Protest] Is Among The Highest [ Form] Of Patriotism. That Our [ Fates] And [ Fortunes] Are Bound To [ Rise] And [Fall ] Together. That Even When We [Fall] Short Of Our [ Highest-Ideas], We Never Stop [ Trying] To Build A More Perfect Union. When, The [American People ] Go To The [ Polls], We Will Be Choosing, More Than A [ Candidate]-- Because We Believe That Our [Nation's], [ States] And [ Communities] Characters Are On The Ballots In Our Elections. But, More Than That-- We Believe The Character Of Our Canidates Is Also On The Ballots In Our Elections. Further, We Believe That The Character Of Our ( Country Democracy) ..The Character Of Our( Country's Society).. Our (Country's Communities) And Our ( Country's Unifying Character) Are In The Ballots. The [ Challenges] Before Us-[ The Worst, Public Health Crisis In One-Hundred Years, The Worse Economic Down-Turn Since The Great Depression, The Worst Period Of World Upheaval In A Generation, The Urgent Global Crisis Posed By Environmental Climate Change, The Intolerable Racial Injustice That Still Stains The Different Make-Up The People In The United States]-- Yes, The Test Of The Testing Of The United States Character, Is Like That Of Never Before In Modern Times-- "Given, The Fragility's Of Our Economy, Of Our Social Safety Nets, Of The Risk Posed By A Growingness Of Inequality, The Impacts of [Racial & Economic] Disparities ( Especially, Those Of Lack Of Employment And Health Care Treatment)...As Well As... A Profound Deepening Of Polarization & Political Paralysis. The Bill Of The People, Is Presented In Totality Under [ Preamble]- Which, I'm In Accord With In Totality. I'm Of The " Knowing" That The [ Democratics] Will [ Fight] To Repair The Souls Of Our [ Country], [ States] And [ Communities] To : [Unite] and [ Heal] Them...To Turn [Crisis] Into A More [ Stronger], [Brighter] And [ Equitable] Future. Please, Walk With Me ! Because Together We're Stand And Divided We're Fall. Sincerely And Respectfully William Wise Murray IV At-Large Volunteer Membership Democratic National Committee Ordained Minister Of The Universal Life Church Congregation Of Ministers. And Site Administrator.

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