The Hours Of Regressive, Supressive And Depressive Continuing Ideas, For The Communties Of South Carolina– is Nearing During The Week Of The 21st Of June,2021. By: William Wise Murray IV. Date: June 12th,2021.

I’m Reaching-Out, Into The Communities In This Communication, In An Endeavor To Bring To ” We The People”, Of The Communities Of South Carolina– ” To The Awareness( The Realization) That We’re One Mysterious( Unknown) Vote, Of Whether, The Most Righteous Tranformational Congresional Bill( The We The People Act, H.R.1) Put Forth, In Our Modern Day Of Light( In South Carolina), For Both The Perserving And Expanding Of Our United Communities CONSTITUTIONAL GURANTEED FREEDOMS.

The Freedom At Hand, That Is In “Danger”,Of Regression, Suppression And Continued Community Depression– IS THE MOST IMPORTANT GURANTEED FREEDOM, THAT IS THE FOUNDATION STONE & RIGHTEOUS COHESIVE GLUE, THAT KEEPS ALL OUR GUARANTEED CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS SOLIDIFIED ! It Is Of Concern, Of The ” Abridgement” Of 15th Amendment National Constitutional Guaranteed Right To Vote, Within Our Communities Without Fear Of Regression, Suppression, Community Depression And Of Losing Freedom, Life,Limbs And Continued Pursuit Of Happinesss :

” Let It Be Known In Each And Everyone Our Hearts– THAT THE ALLOWANCE OF THE ABRIDGEMENT OF THIS CONSTITUTIONAL GUARANTEED RIGHT : Sets A Government Platform For The Manifestation( Bringing, Back Into Realization) The Potential For All The Above Unrighteousness !

I Know, That They’re People, Of A Righteous And Good Determination Of Heart,Within All Communities Of South Carolina, That Feel As Though That It’s A ” Useless Deed” To Be Active In Both The Idea And Process Of Government( Ceasar’s) Actions ! However, For Those Of The People Of A Righteous And Good Determination Of Heart Within The Communities, Of This Mis-guidance Of Belief, Please Allow Me To Bring You To Awareness Of Why I Expressed Mis-Guidance :

” For It Is Implied In The Cannonical Scripture Of The Judea-Christian Bible, That ” THE CHRIST”( That Is, THE ANOINTED ONE) Expressed( To The People Of Humanity):

To Give Unto CEASER, What’s Due To Ceasar..And.. To Give To The GOD Of The Righteous And Good Determination Of Hearts Of Hearts(The People Of Humanity), What’s Due Unto Him.” Compare: [ The Gospel Of Matthew, 22:21]. Emphasis Added.

In, Further Support Of The Above Everyday Application In This Thing That We Call Life– Another “Pearl Of Great Price” ! “Expanding” Further, On The Realization And Establishment Of Righteous And Good Determination, For The Hearts Of Hearts–( The People Of Humanity)–In A Pre- “LAND OF ESTABLISHMENT” For The Implementation Of A Righteous And Good Dertermination For The MOST-HIGH GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS :

” The [ Establishers] And [ Writers] Under The Sub-Heading [ PREAMBLE] In The [ CONSTITUTION] Of The United States Of America. [ Wrote In-Ink, By The Anointing, Of The MOST-HIGH GOD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS] :

” We The People”…Of The United States…In Oder To Form A More Perfect Union… Establish Justice(Righteousness)… Ensure Domestic(Communities) Calm( Tranquility)… Provide For A Common Defense…Promote The General Welfare…And Secure The BLESSINGS Of Freedom( Liberty) To Ourselves( The Citizens Of This New Salem) And Our Generations Of Citizens To Come(Posterity)…Do Ordain( Anoint) And Establish… This [ Constitution] For The United States Of America”!

Compare: [ The Constitution Of The United States Of America]. Emphasis Added.

Clearly, These “Forward -Moving” Righteous And Deterimination For The People Of Humanity Within all Communities In This Valley-Low-( South Carolina)- Of The Motherland For Righteous And Determinations Of The United States Of America :

” Establishes The Realization, That We The People, Endeavoring Daily Within The Communities, Have To ” ACT ” For All Righteous And Good Determinations, That Would Be Of Benefit, For The People Of Humanity, As An Obligation For Our Societal Beingness Of Structure…Moreover… If You Pay Attention To The Above Words Of Enlighten Awareness Of Beingnes By [ Establishers] And [ Writers] As Their [ IDEA] CONSTITUTION Under The [ PREAMBLE], You’re Come To The REALIZATION, That The GOVERNMENT( Ceasar) Power Was Given To ” We The People” And Taken Away From Ceasar[ GOVERNMENT] Through The CONSTITUTIONAL-ENACTMENT OF OUR 15TH AMENDMENT CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO VOTE.

It Is Written, In The Cannonical Scriptures In The Judea-Christian Bible :

” That We ( The People) Have Not, Because We ASK NOT “. Compare: [ James 4 : 2-3 ]. Emphasis Added.

” But I Say, That We The People Of Righteous And Goid Determinations Of Hearts : ” HAVE NOT, BECAUSE WE ACT NOT”.

The “For The People Act(H.R.1) Will Be Put On The Floor Of The U.S. Senate, The Week Of The 21st Of June 2021, For The Very First Time, Since This Constitutional-Rights Congressional Expansion Bill( Of A Righteous And Good Determination), Was Initially Blocked From” A VOTE OF PASSAGE” By Use Of The U.S. Senate Parliamentary Filibuster Procedural Rule :

” But Be It Known That The Arch-Decievers And Ideaologers Of Unrighteousness In Our Modern Day Light Of Awareness :

Will Reveal Themselves By A ” VOTE OF NO ..AND/ OR.. NO VOTE” !

Therefore, I Call Each And Everyone Of You People Of Humanity Of A Righteous And Good Determination, To “ACTION” To Call Our U.S. Senators Lindesy Graham And Time Scott–( Of The State Of South Carolina And/Or Any U.S.Senator From Any Other State)– And Tell Them “Not To Cast-A-No-Vote” Against The Passage Of The ” We The People Act ” !

Sincerely And Respectfully

William Wise Murray IV , At-Large Volunteer Member Of The Democratic National Committee;

Community-Member Of 2020 Victourious Communities United ; And

Member Of The Universal Life Church Congregation Of Ministers.

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Holds True, To Diversity On The Federal Judicial Bench– The U.S. Senate Confirm’s Mr. Zahid Quraishi ( A Muslim) U.S. District Court Judge( In The District Of New Jersey.

Senate confirms Zahid Quraishi as first Muslim American federal judge in US history

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Meets With ” Black Wall Street”( A Once Thriving Tulsa, Oklahoma Black Community) Massacre Survivors. In This Video, You’ll Hear, The Voice Strenght Of One Of Our Elder-Mother-Matriachs Of Centenarians : Ask Our 46th President Of The United States , With Dignity As Strong As Steel ! ” [We] Had To Wait A Hundred Years ??? Powerful..And.. You’ll Also Hear, One Of Our Elder-Father-Patriach Centenarians Tell in A Voice Of Meaningfulness And Command: ” I Want Justice !!! ” powerful ! The Moral Of That Moment In Time To These Great Matriach And Patriarch Fore Mother And Father Of Ours Is : ” If We Can’t Forget, Don’t Ya’ll Forget !!! Yes,Black Wall Sreet Established Vital Communities Systems Of Prosperity, Tranquility And Pursuit Of Happiness, That Was Destroyed By Out Side Murderous Supremacy Attacking Forces : NOT FROM Community SELF- IMPLODING ! I Love Our Communities, Therefore, Respectfully And Sincerely Ask : “FOR A CEASE-FIRE” A Change Is Coming- Just Hold-On”.

Chairman-[ Jamie Harrision]- Of The Democratic National Committee, Retweet, On The Employment Growth And Recovery Progress Of Our National Economy, As We Endeavor In The Mist Of A National COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Idea, Of Universal Health Care, Continues To Increase, In The Endeavor Of Making A Realization, Of A “National Affordable Health Care Plan”, For All People, Endeavoring Daily, Within The Communities Of The United States– “Were All Lives Matter ! ( Regardless Of The Income Classification Of The Individuals And Families Are Of Concern”)! For ” We The People” ,Within The Totality Of The Communities, In The United States- Must Continue, To Enroll, Under The “Affordable Health Care Policy” Put In-Place By Our 44th Presidential Administration..And..Built- Upon, By Our 46th Presidential Administration– ” For, It’s A Neccessity To Capture The Compassion Put Forth In The Endeavors, Of Both, Of These Presidential Administration’s, Whom Visions In The “Idea”, That Health [Is Not] Just For The Privileged! — No Sir, No Ma’am, ‘ And That, It Should Be A [National- Right], For All People Within The Communities Of The United States.” Open-Enrollment Under The Affordable Care Act, Will Remain Open To August 15th,2021. For More Information : Affordable Health Care Act.

President Biden’s Tweet On The Progress, Of The Reduction In The Unemployment Rate And Successfully Getting 64% Of Adults In The United States Vaccinated.

I’m Of The Perspective, That The United States Senate’s Parliamentary : Needs To Create & Implement A Three- Prong Legislative Bill’s Test– ” That Allows For The Bypassing Of The Filibuster Rule.” The Filibuster-Rule, Is A Safe-Guard Used By A Minority Political Party In That Great Chamber( And, We Might Need It One Day To Safe-Guard The The Rights Of The People Of Humanity-[ Not Corporate Personalities, But Real Flesh And Blood Personalities] : Thus, I Ask My Beloved Democratic U.S. Senators, Not To Repeal The “Filibuster-Rule. For The Political Party, In Support Of The Modern-Day Maga Corporate-GODS, My Rise To A Majority In The Senate Again[ The U.S. Supreme Court Already Gave Artificial Intelligence To Corporate Paper GODS..To-Replace..Already In-Placed Congressional Voters Act– In Support Of Artificial Corporate Intelligence]. It Is My Humble Opinion, That You Honorable Senators Should Not Repeal The Filibuster Procedural Rule. Sincerely And Respectfully. My Perspective On The Below Article.

Democrats, Converted to Filibuster Foes, Are Set to Force the Issue

Continued Occurrences of Gun Violence– In The Communities Of The State Of South Carolina.

Open SmartNews and read “Coroner: Hartsville shooting ruled a homicide” here: To read it on the web, tap here:

President Biden’s Video On The Present Monthly – “State Of Economic Growth”, Within Our Country’, Given “Economic Growth Uncertainty”, As A Result A The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Our 46th Presidential Administration, Calling For Action To Pressure Our U.S. Senator’s, To Remove The Senate’s Parliamentarian Filibuster Procedural Rule: And, Pass H.R 1 ” The For We The People Act”– To Ensure That ” We The People” -( Our Children, Grand-Children And GrandChildren-Children)-Voting Rights Are Expanded And Protected. Thereby, In Realization, Protecting Our Taken For Granted Freedoms — Which, Can Only Be Ensured ( As They Stand In Place This Moment) By Being Able To Cast Our “VOTES” In A Fair Voting Process-( For All Peopl,e In The Communities, Of The United States: No Matter, Our Political Affiliations)- Of Fairness And Equalness. To Be Assured, H.R. 1 Doesn’t Infringe On Our Already Limited Voting Procedural Rights: No Sir..No Ma’am, H.R.1 Restores And Expands Our Most Sacred Power( Government By The People & That’s Through Our Ability To Vote). By: William Wise Murray IV ( Given, The Totality Of The Situation, Cirumstances And Over Hundreds Of Court-Events Spreading Through Many Courts Within This Country By Lawyers Representing Republican Legislators Voting Interest).