Perspective Of W.Murray write-In Candidate for The Class III State Of South Carolina U.S. Senate Seat ( November 8th,2022 General Election).

The moment of test of holding true to my principal of doing that which is right, has presented itself with respect to the contentious issue of abortion.

Would the Founders of the Founding Documents of the Constitution and Birth Of A New People Of The United States Of America Condone Unlimited Abortions?

Several days back, I read a social media political post of the following expressions:

* The Founders wrote the [ Constitution]– not the [ Apostles] ;

* The Founders added the [ Bill Of Rights]–not the [ Ten Commandments];

* The Founders [ Intent was Freedom Of Religion]– not control by Religion;

* The Founders created a [ Society Of Freedom/ Democracy]– Not a Land Of Righteous Morality ( Theocracy). Emphasis Added.

However, The U.S. Supreme Court In Determining it’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, looked to religious aspects-[ of the different religious views on when ” Life Begins” of the Jewish Faith and Catholic Faith]- in search of guidance, in an effort of seeking Governmental and Societal Balance, with respect to the issue of abortion— Nonetheless, I will turn to two Founding Documents ( in relevant part) in support of my perspective with respect to the issue of Abortion within our National Society — “But before I do, please allow me to tell my story for my ultimate political position.”

My story

It begins with the realization that I didn’t come to know my ” Birth-Mother” until I was Twelve-Years-Of -Age. But, on the Saturday evening in 2016 -( Three days before my Birth-Mother passed away, on the following Tuesday)- my Mother shared communication with me of her life, that she obviously wanted to leave within [ my awareness] Of beingness for the duration of this thing that we call life. Y’all see, my Mother told me ( of many different aspects of her life) in an implied sense, that she really did not want to bring me forth from her womb into this thing of life, because of anger towards my Father’s physical, mental and emotional Abuses of which he Inflicted upon her. Abuses that she said continued even after he had knowlege of my Spark of life in her. Of which brought her to the thinking and Sincere desire to terminate my spark of life. But my Midwife Mrs. Marie Davenport Of Wagoner S.C. ( I got a chance to meet her in her late 90 something years of age, and I heard her ask my mother where was my Baby), I didn’t Know the significance of Mrs. Davenport’s statement then, but after my Birth-Mother’s confession, it was obvious that Mrs Davenport Gave My Birth-Mother The Needed Dedication, Determination And Mindial And Emotional Self-Discipline to bring me forth out of her womb— Yes, my Birth-Mother did what was right, and allowed me To experience my gift of life, yes the freedom of my life and the opportunity to pursue it in happiness of the things of what is of creation, and I’m Thankful! thus I have had the opportunity to share with each and everyone of you. This is my belief and knowing that all lives matter!

The Significance Of The Initial Constitutional Impact On Society In The Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe V. Wade Decision.

Many Citizens-Residents Within the Territorial Boundaries Of The United States Of America are of the belief that the U.S. Supreme Court 1973 decision sealed the 14th Amendment Legality of Abortions under the Constitution Of The United States. However, a closer review of the 14th Amendment Clauses shows contrary to the Court’s Initial 1973 decision.

The Constitutional Content Language Expressions Of The 14th Amendment provides( In Relevant Part):

” …. No [State] Shall Abridge( or, Infringe upon) the privileges or immunities of Ctizens of The United States ; Nor shall any [ State] deprive any person of [ Life] without [ Due Process Of Law] ; Nor deny any person within it’s Jurisdiction the [ Equal Protection Of The Laws]. ” Compare: [ Section 1 of the 14th Amendment Of The Constitution]. emphasis Added.

Nowhere, in the [clause] Of the 14th Amendment that it can be implied that the [Intention] of the Founding drafters and framers of the 14th Amendment was of the Inclusion of [ Privacy Rights]– Of which the 1973 Supreme Court used as the Governmental and Societal Balancing affect regarding the our National Abortion issue.

In Realization, not one clause of the 14th Amendment explicitly express of [ Privacy Rights]– Therefore, there maybe a potential question of whether Abortions are Constitutionally Legal under the 14th Amendment with respect to Privacy Rights as initially determined in the Court’s 1973 decision.

I would like to bring to each and everyone of our rememberance— That within the Territorial Boundaries Of our Great Nation, that we’re governed by the [ Rule Of Law]:

” And that the [ Constitution] Of our Nation is the Supreme Law Of The Land !”

Fear Not, The Potential Of The U.S. Supreme Court Overturning Roe V. Wade.

The reason of my asking to ” Fear Not” the Court’s Overturning of the [ initial determing reasons] in of the 1973 decision– is because I’m of the perspective that any potential principles of reasons will nevertheless establish broader 14th Amendment guide post implications for reasoning in the Balance of Power, and progression in Fairness Of Equality within society, Given the initial questions presented by State Governments in the 1973 Decision :

* States have the interest of Safeguarding health, maintaining medical standards and protecting life ( in this case prenatal) ;

* A Fetus [ Life in my reasoning] is a person protected by the 14th Amendment;

* Protecting Life [ prenatal of the states contention] is of a compelling State interest. Emphasis Added ( Go check the initial questions present by the states in 1973 for yourselves).

moreover, In The potential decision of the Court, the Question of Neccessity–[ What Constitute A Person For Constitutional Purposes]– Bypassed of the 1973 Court Should Reasoned and answered.

In Conclusion Of The Issue Regarding of what is a person for Constitutional Purposes I’m Of The Perspective That the answer is Found In Declaration Of Independence.

I now turn to my perspective of the Document of which stands for the ” Birth Of A People Bestowed of Creator given Unalienable Rights Of self- Sovereignty, individuality of state of beingness, life, Freedom and the pursuit of happiness in their new found state of beingness — of which the [ Declaration Of Independence] Of the Second Continental Congress Of The United States Of America, Stands for.

A National Governmental Document Of which both Content Language Expressions recognizes A Creator, Rights of the Creator which cannot be taken away, and of which is principled in Fairness Of Equality— Of which from my perspective, is of the guidance as to what is meant of the Alphabetically Arranged Term [ Person] for 14th Amendment Constitutional Purposes.

This is because of the following content language Expressions Of The Declaration Of Independence which provides( in relevant part) :

” We Hold These [ truths] to be [ self-evident], That all men are created equally, that [ they are endowed] by [ their creator], with [ Certain Unalienable Rights], that among these Unalienable Rights, are [ Life ], [ Freedom] and [ The pursuit of happiness].” Compare: [ Paragraph two]. emphasis Added.

It Is in these Aforementioned principled Unalienable Rights that may be found Of guidance for the defining of a person.

I take this point of view because the expression “all men” in my opinion can be viewed as all persons of an individual state of beingness ( or, Grouped of many different individual states of beingness, of which are created of the Creator essence of equality of state of beingness– that is strictly observed as the first Unalienable right Bestowed of the creator–[ Life]. it is my view therefore, a [Person] for the Constitutional purpose is one of an “ Individual State Of Beingness Of Life”.

Thus I ask, Could it not be, the moral responsibility of such equally created Human individual states of beingness of a Spark of life, to recognize the spark of life of a ” Heartbeat”, as of equal, of individual state of beingness– with the same Creator given Unalienable Rights Of [ life[ [ freedom of Life] and allowed to [pursue happiness] in this thing that we call life ?

Sincerely And Respectfully

Write-In Candidate W Murray U.S. Senate November 8th, 2022 Midterm Election: Is Asking The Citizens-Residents of The Communities on Today( September 16th, 2022) To Press the Link Below To Hear The Reading Of The Opening Statement( Preamble) of the Constitution Of The United States Of America– To Celebrate NATIONAL CONSTITUTION DAY.

I’m of the perspective That the Opening Statement [ Preamble] Of The Out National Constitution, sets forth the Type of Societal System of Constitutional Democracy Of which the Drafters of Our National Constitution Idealized for—” We The People Of The Constitution.”

I’m of the perspective that We The People Of The Constitution has never experienced this idea in fullness as vision by the Founding Drafters of the Constitution— Because the focus has been more toward the Triune Branches Of Constitutional Governmental Authority and Substantive Aspects of the CONSTITUTION, Rather then the Manifestation Of An Societal System To reflect a National Society Of Fairness of Equality ( and, not only Equality).

Therefore, in Realization it has always been Lack of Equity(Fairness) in Society that has caused all the Societal problems down throughout the centuries in this Country. But it is known and Believed that the GREAT LIGHT OF CREATIVE AWARENESS OF OUR UNIVERSAL SUSTAINER AND CREATOR — WILL SHINE FROM THE ” WEST”.

Sincerely And Respectfully

W Murray

Write-In Candidate W Murray For The State Of South Carolina U.S. Senate ( November 8th,2022) Mid-Term Election: Response to [ Long Covid] experts and Advocates Assertion that the Government is Ignoring the greatest Mass-Disabling Event in Human History.

History Will Prove These Allegations False.

These Experts and Advocates cannot with Reasonable Doubt Blame the Government for ignoring potential Long Covid Fallout as a result of COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS Public Health Epidemic Experienced in the United States Of America— ” The People [ Citizens-Residents] of the Constitution Can blame the Republican Party Governor’s, State Legislatures, Congressional Legislator Delegations and Other Republican Party Members, Advocates and Affiliates for exposing our present Generation and Generation(s) Of our children to come to any potential danger of [ Long Covid].

History, through the Already established transparency of the facts will reveal that at Every policy, Procedural and Mitigating steps put in-place by the Government, Local Jurisdictions, Democrats in Congress, OSHA, and Administrators of public School Districts — Was met with Lawsuits Alleging protecting the Freedoms and Rights of Employees of the Corporate workforce, Executive Orders That Mandated Bans against Mitigating procedures to stop the spread of the toxic and deadly virus within public Institutions Of Learning, And High level of hostile activities at Public school board hearings( Just unreasonable and Hostile : Talking about freedom ! The Virus is an Unseen deadly enemy TAKEN OUR FREEDOM AND RIGHT TO LIFE ( And, they siding with It ).

And Now Y’all wanna ( Yeah, I’m Country) blame the Government — Blame the Republican Political Party Members, Legislatures, Executive Branches and Advocates For Exposing our present Generation and The Generation(s) To come for Any Potential [ Long Covid] Viral Fallout.

p.s. Please Read the Article below.

Sincerely And Respectfully

W Murray

Long COVID Experts and Advocates Say the Government Is Ignoring ‘the Greatest Mass-Disabling Event in Human History’

Write-In Candidate W Murray For U.S. Senate ( November 8th, 2022) Mid-Term Election: On Allow Alleged Russian Conscripts into The Territorial Boundaries Of The United States Of America and/or Any Western European Allied Territory.

I’m a Stern National Security Believer. For I Know it to be a Bedrock principle of Our Nation, That must be kept in place During a time when our Very own foundation of Constitutional Sovereignty, appears to be challenged By Potential Former Russian friendly Executive,Legislative and Advocacy Support Groups.

Therefore, It is my position That at this time of during an Illegal Envasion of The Russian Federation of the Democratic State-Country of Ukraine, That neither the Government of the United States nor European Democratic State-Countries Allies should allow Alleged Russian Conscripts within their Territorial Boundaries— No Sir, No Ma’am!

Let’s Not forget that the Russian Federation is and should always be viewed as one of the Earth’s Leading Military Sovereign Territorial Boundaries— And Strategic as Deception itself. So ask yourselves this Question :

” Why Would The Russian Federation Start a Potential Global war in Violation of International Law and Now purportedly Need to Draft more members into their Military Regime ?

And Why are these Alleged Drafters Running to other Countries seeking Political asylum?

I’ll share my perspective Because their probally more than likely Professional Russian and Intelligence operatives of potential Sleeper Cell assignments to destabilize Democratic Country’s !

As Always been the case of We The people of The United States Of America– We Fight for our Democratic Sovereignty and For Our Righteous CREATOR ! We Do Not Run– We Stand !

I Don’t Want to express uncaring about the Russian People Of Earth— But they must orchestrate for their own Societal and Governmental Changes in their Motherland ! Just as they’ve Forced The Ukrainians Too Do ! ( Their Men aren’t Running their Fighting!).

It is my Sincere and Humble Perspective that these Russian men ( Alleged Conscripts) seeking Political Asylum, Should be Denied Entry Into all Democratic Territorial Boundaries, At this Crucial time of an Illegal Invasion By Their Government.

Sincerely And Respectfully

Write-In Candidate W Murray For The U.S. For the State Of South ( November 8th,2022) Mid-Term Election Share’s the Reason Why We Must Vote for the continuance of Our Societal System Of Constitutional Democracy : Watch “”There’s Going to Be a Fight”: Oath Keepers Trial Reveals Violent Plans to Keep Trump in Office” on YouTube

We The People [ Citizens-Residents] Of our Societal System of Constitutional Democracy, must come in Conscience, of the Only true way that gave Birth to International Democracy, Across Territorial Boundaries Of this Earth.

Yes, Many Only perceive The Only True Way as an Idea! Nonetheless, at this point of National Inflection the must no longer ” Just be an Idea”, rather we must bring it forth into a Manifest Realization.

So now many would like know of the Idea That must become a Manifest Realization— For I’ll give each and everyone of you the direction of the Realization of this Ideal Glory that was Birth within the Territorial Boundaries Of this Great Young Powerful Of the United States Of America:

” It’s pearls of Great Price, Beholden to to the Consciences the It’s Ideologist, Drafters and Founders , And Sealed in our National Cubic-Stone of our Great Landlord Sovereignty As the ” Opening Statement”of the Founding Document –( Representing, The Great Light that Shinest From The West, That’s Set-Apart From The Substantive Aspects)– THE CONSTITUTION Of The United States Of America!

For It’s Idea and Principled Structure Of the Constutional Content Language Expressions Is Of The Very essence of Universal Nature : Unitedness, Solidarity And Oneness = Full Anointing! for it is of the Great Legislator Of Creational Beigness( This is to say, What Call Creation).

Thus I Implore each and everyone of you, To View YouTube video , And Rise to This Mountain-Top and View the Land of Promise That was Promised to each and everyone of us ( as One People), And Move Forward in the pursuit of Conquering This Promise Within the Territorial Boundaries– Of this Mother Land Giveth To all Of Us As A Foreshadow of the Government OF Unuversal Creational Fairness Of Equality Of which our Sustainer and Creator Has given too of his Creation !

Sincerely And Respectfully

W Murray

Our National Societal System Of Constitutional Democracy Matters Let’s Save It! Write-In U.S. Senate Candidate W Murray ( November 8th, 2022) Mid-Term Election: Watch “Watch Rachel Maddow Highlights: Oct. 17” on YouTube Below For More Reasons Of Why At this National Inflection Point Our Constitutional Democracy Matters !

W Murray U.S. Senate Write-In Candidate ( November 8th,2022) General Election: For The Reasons Articulated In The Below Video, Are why the People( Citizens-Residents) Of the Constitution Of The United States Of America, Should Allow For the Continued 200 Year old National Societal System Of Constitutional Democracy and Strong Internal National Security Concerns When A Governor Of One Of the States Of The Union Can Manipulate Members of His Administration To walk the line between Potential Human Trafficking and Kidnapping Use Tax Payers Dollars: Watch “NEW: Federal Government OPENS INVESTIGATION into MAGA Ron DeSantis” on YouTube It’s Time To Take National Security Serious !

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